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Announcing Tekkit 2

This is a sequel to the original Tekkit release from 10 years ago, and it's releasing on 27 August 2022 16:00 UTC! Those of you who are nostalgic for the early days of Tekkit, and Technic as a whole, will love what awaits you in Tekkit 2. This is a faithful sequel to the original release, with new mods and improvements to capture the feeling of possibility and consequence that you felt while exploring the world of machines and contraptions that made Tekkit fun.

This project was created by Jon (the creator of Hexxit II), in partnership with Technic.

We're incredibly excited about this release and can't wait to see all the factories you dream up!


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Time flies 🌌💙
GlowingV2 1 month ago
3pical 1 month ago
OpenSauce 1 month ago
Interested to see what's coming up 😉
RadOo_CZ 1 month ago
what version tho
stepoz 1 month ago
yeah i hope its the latest one
Posted by IndustrialHammie 1 month ago
Hell yeah, I mean, Nether yeah!
Tim790 1 month ago
non vedo l'ora <3
MrPepper 1 month ago
Super excited to see what mods we have to play around with! Counting the days!
Caliber 1 month ago
What version is it gonna run on? I hope 1.7.10 tbh
Petsox102 1 month ago
ew no i hope 1.12 the less version, hopefully 1.16+
Posted by Arisa 1 month ago
It's 1.12.2.
Posted by Pyker 1 month ago | Technic Staff
how long until its out ??
Smithers148 1 month ago
less than 2 hours if all goes well i think.
Posted by CaolánWolf 1 month ago
I think 16:00 UCT is 17:00 GMT so hopefully soon!
Posted by Ybotticus 1 month ago
It's up!!!!!!!!!! Search for it in your Technic launcher everyone!
Caliber 1 month ago