Install Official Crafting Dead

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Official Crafting Dead) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Official Crafting Dead from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Official Crafting Dead Version Origins 1.0.7-b2

created by f3rullo14 on Minecraft Version 1.6.4
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what website do you use for hosting your modpack downloads i tried dropbox but i always get a traffic error...
Pleasseee add smart moving!! That would be so great!
FurryFunxy201 4 days ago
You should make Gta 5 plus more because you so amazing at making weapons and i would like to see how you would make the cars
roman1266 4 days ago
how do you craft or build things?
Mrknives1822 6 days ago
How the heck do we get water in this modpack?
Orangie 1 week ago
Also, what I mean by a server is that they should make a server like the old ones. A server with Gun Maze, the Nemesis minigame, and with the old bases within the map. If I can help make this happen I WOULD HELP! WITHOUT ANY HESITATION! I hope someone sees this and hopefully my idea under consideration. It would be GREATLY appreciated! Just as a side note, I'm saying this for MANY players!
Katdaddysage14 2 weeks ago
lol typos
Posted by Katdaddysage14 2 weeks ago
I feel the same I used to play on Rising dead and that server was amazing, I would love to know if there is any private servers up or ones that I could help with.
Posted by TheVanillaRice 2 weeks ago
Im making a server now but the clothes/armor wont appear on the player
Posted by TheVanillaRice 2 weeks ago
I hate aftermath, crafting dead cure was way better than this garbage. Aftermath completely ruined the modpack for me and for MANY other players! I wish there were some servers for the old crafting dead modpack that F3 created. The really need to get a moderator to do that and create at least one server.
Katdaddysage14 2 weeks ago
eu gostei
Posted by filipinhoTWO 2 weeks ago
I have no sound for some reason, and yes sound is on.
Presto_ 2 weeks ago
i cant connect to servers it says i need cloud connect but there is nothing wrong and it wont let me connect to server still.
Posted by Presto_ 2 weeks ago
Posted by ShadowStrike23 2 weeks ago
I am trying to install the crafting dead mod. I read the instructions. I cannot find the install button. What am I doing wrong. It is not at the bottom-right of the page as outlined in the instructions. Please help.
spark505 2 weeks ago
LittlepartyhaT 2 weeks ago
yo is there a way that you can play co-op on the servers without trying to find each other like spawning in the same spot without having to constantly kill ourself to try to spawn near each other pls me and my friend just wanna co op
ktrinh03 3 weeks ago
why cany we make factions yet, is this a bug? or is there a reason
ProEvans66 1 month ago
Hi, I bought the Bane kit on the Somerest #2 EU server, but was trying to get it for the US server. I was wondering if there's anyway to switch it to the server I play on?
kingjibbles 1 month ago
The cloud problem is still there for many people including me and I do have a legit minecraft account. Can you guys estimate how long it will take to fix this issue ? And this is for the guys who do not know what is going on
Rayhan369 1 month ago
Guys to fix this issue just reinstall Crafting Dead
Posted by Rayhan369 1 month ago
can you put mcheli in it
nlkutkind 1 month ago
Are you guys not updating the modpack anymore?
RekT_Heist 1 month ago
I love this game
Kieraz200 1 month ago
The name of the person who banned me is i think Creeper or Zappy
ghost007ghost 1 month ago
Hi i am Samuelraider from Atlanta 2, i got banned i don't know why on Atlanta 2 and my Alt to Samclo59 and the only thing that i did was being on top of someone's base and sniping the MTN team and now i got banned because they think that i am the one that broke their base and took their stuff. Some of the team members are now treathning me because of that misunderstanding. I only hope that a mod or an Admin see this comment because i am falsly banned for now 3 days from Atlanta 2 and this isn't right at all i didn't do anything.
ghost007ghost 1 month ago

Latest Update

Official Crafting Dead was updated to version Origins 1.0.7-b2