Install Official Crafting Dead

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Official Crafting Dead) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Official Crafting Dead from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Official Crafting Dead Version Origins 1.2.5C2

created by f3rullo14 on Minecraft Version 1.6.4
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I cant play this and my friend too, please help us.
LuciikkCZ 2 months ago
on the Charland server, I fell in a hole and there is NO way out, please help
aids420360 2 months ago
Are there any cities or villages ?
Jorecs_ 2 months ago
Hey uh my gun wont load at all. I looked it up it says press R while i have the ammo for it, but i have M9 and an M9 pistol and it wont load. ive tried moving the ammo to different places and holding reload instead of pressing and reloging, and it still just wont load. its a pretty game breaking bug.
Yinne01 2 months ago
GHOSTLY1316 2 months ago
There aren't EU servers?
Blade8330 2 months ago
Hi, server download link does not work. Please fix it. :(
Machyy 2 months ago
If your computer cant have the file to this game you cant download this game ever again. And also you fucked up by doing something wrong or your computer has too many shit on your memory. If you have too many shit on your computer Then delete some shit out.
Sean-the-gamer123 2 months ago
ok you site talke boy
Posted by AAROV9K 2 months ago
ok you site talke boy
Posted by AAROV9K 2 months ago
How do u play
6ix9ine_Ghost_Dj 2 months ago
Please create a official site for download, no in the technic more in the chrome
FenixGamer1331 2 months ago
Error. I can't download file
Duyx4541 2 months ago
hey the game creator! please there a problem in this modpack, do you go download appear this mensage : "Error downloading a file for the following pack: Official Crafting Dead Failed to download Please consult the modpack author" fix this problem its my favorite modpack
FenixGamer1331 2 months ago
Yes, everybody has this issue. The thing is that when you download the modpack it downloads a folder which contains the modpack. It gets the folder from the crafting dead website. The website is currently down and people said they're working on it. So at the moment we just have to wait.
Posted by anton90l 2 months ago
So I've heard people have the same problem as me. I reinstall the modpack daily cause' it keeps saying "error connecting to cloud" and so I have to reinstall the modpack. This time though it was different. It said: "Error downloading a file for the following pack: Official Crafting Dead Failed to download Please consult the modpack author". Does anyone have another link when they download the pack because I know you can manually change it. Maybe the link just doesn't work but it seems to have been not working for a week atleast for some people. If any more information is needed, please ask!
anton90l 2 months ago
My friend and I are having this same problem. Continues to give that error code, I went to and the site itself is even down.
Posted by kingjibbles 2 months ago
Yeah, I'm thinking It's because the website is down and that's where the folder is. I checked the changelog and it seems like the website goes down every so often. I guees It'll come back in a couple of hours but it could take longer. Even if that problem is fixed I'm still gonna get that "error connecting to cloud" but I guess we'll have to live with it.
Posted by anton90l 2 months ago
iVapeX1T4D0 3 months ago
The download box wont let me download it can some one fix it plz i rrly want to play this mod after school plz fix it
killerboy20181 3 months ago
Crashes every time i try to launch when offline. Anyone know why this happens? I have reinstalled TCD several times to no avail
wallace100 3 months ago
Worked for me... somehow. My modpacks usually don't work :/
karthadon 3 months ago
i cant download the mod that sucks because i really like the walking dead
RedRoar27 3 months ago
I can't update to the latest version. Comes up with a failed to download error.
SilvaSky54 3 months ago
Same here
Posted by Ayce_423 3 months ago
Its did the same to me to
Posted by ZecaTecno 3 months ago
I'm trying to install the mod pack but it came up with error downloading with the following pack - official crafting dead and says please consult the mod pack author
jayden695 3 months ago
Got the exact same error
Posted by xXx_Asriel_xXx 3 months ago
same here
Posted by unknown18 3 months ago
The same here
Posted by maraciuca666 3 months ago

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