Hey we are having some trouble setting up a server with Hexical Future 3 none of us can connect to the server our friend made and we also cant even connect to each other through LAN. Got any ideas on how we can resolve this issue?
Posted by Acinastus on theland10's profile 3 years ago


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No ideas? Or do you just not check this.
Posted by Acinastus 3 years ago
Yea, sorry. I don't get any sort of notification when someone comments.
Posted by theland10 3 years ago
Urk! I have done absolutely zero work on setting up a server for the pack. I've been too involved with updating and getting things ironed out in single player to even think about it. Is it giving some sort of an error? If you can send I log file I might be able to help.
Posted by theland10 3 years ago