Hi, I like the 1.7.10 pack a lot, but I can't find the full mod list. I see on the mod description where you said its on the 'permissions sheet', but I don't know how to find that. Could you please tell me where to find it?
Posted by BuilderIsBuildin on xJon's profile 9 years ago


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The permissions tab on the Technic Platform 2.0 is not out yet so this is why you couldn't find it. for now, I just added the link there. thanks for reporting.
Posted by xJon 9 years ago
Hey, thanks for putting the link up. I'd like to take the opportunity to say kudos in making a great mod pack! The only additional mod I desperately want for it is extra bees. If that is added, I think the pack would be darn near perfect.
Posted by BuilderIsBuildin 9 years ago