i need help with 7 Dayz to Mine please when i press play it only closes the launcher and after a few seconds it re-opens it...I cant play the modpack but i'm dying to... I have the latest java i've allocated enough RAM etc. Please Help me!
Posted by CCobeTheMaster on glixyl's profile 5 years ago


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Sorry was traveling and didn't notice this. Try using the 666PR2-LITE version sir and let me know what happens. Look in your /crash-reports directory within the Technic directory if you know how to do that, should you still be crashing.
Posted by glixyl 5 years ago
how much RAM is allocated? is it a Mac? I just released a new version too, PR3- needs 1.5GB RAM I found. If that doesn't work try the LITE version of the client.
Posted by glixyl 5 years ago