Glixyl's Entropy

by glixyl | Created on 2013-04-21 | Last Updated 6 months ago

The original space horror disaster pack for Minecraft! Tornadoes, land slides, Aliens vs Predator, Marines, Mercenaries, Brutes, Arsonists, guns, bombs, advanced armor, computers, vehicles and a custom soundtrack!

90K Installs
269K Runs

Dev_ill's Modernized

by glixyl | Created on 2015-03-18 | Last Updated 3 years ago

Build modernized architecture with thousands of decorations, furniture and building materials! Populate your world with working vehicles such as helicopters, dirt bikes, drones and sports cars. Paint, sculpt and cook your own artistic creations.

23K Installs
65K Runs

7 DayZ to Mine

by glixyl | Created on 2015-03-25 | Last Updated 6 months ago

Survive, explore and loot procedurally generated cities above and below ground with road systems, walls and rivers! Discover Underground Vaults, Mutant Laboratories, Police Stations, Fire Stations and many other special encounters!

277K Installs
582K Runs


by glixyl | Created on 2016-03-26 | Last Updated 3 years ago

It has been 54 years since the USCSS Prometheus and her crew disappeared while on a mission to LV-223 (Varda), a moon of planet Calpamos located in the Zeta Reticuli system. Weyland-Yutani Corporation has hired you to go there and discover it's fate.

52K Installs
86K Runs

Ulandos AVP Season 3

by glixyl | Created on 2016-07-30 | Last Updated 2 years ago

Welcome to Season 3 of Ulandos' Aliens vs Predator modded Minecraft series on YouTube. This pack contains recent AVP mod code as well as supporting technical mods selected by Ulandos.

40K Installs
133K Runs