I believe they might've gotten a warning from multiple developers for using sounds or pieces of OST of Triple A titles (Silent Hill specifically), even if they mixed it with other things. May Terrorcraft rest in peace.
Posted by SwitchedAccounts on TheEpicModPack's profile 1 year ago


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Naw, the music was all original content. It is just gone because over the years I have lost the files, and since it was a server-based modpack which was too intense for any hosting service to run, whether I could run it or not was dependant on my internet upload speed at the time, so I have not always been in a position to keep it online. I have moved to offline modpacks since then.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 10 months ago
Terrorcraft was an amazing modpack, and theres more people wanting it back now than their was people playing it back when it was still running. It would be hard to rebuild something like this, but fans of this modpack are ready and eager to. Even if it is lost, please consider remaking Terrorcraft.
Posted by KentuckyFriedJ 10 months ago
Also, what kind of files are missing? The other day I found all the old textures, mods, music, ect. and was having fun going through it all on singleplayer.
Posted by KentuckyFriedJ 10 months ago
As an ex admin, id be more then happy on rebuilding terrorcraft. Btw for the people who only remember terrorcraft, we had an amazing modpack server before terrorcraft called " The epic modpack" it was amazing and in my opinion even better than terrorcraft( it was similar in ways)
Posted by lefthander 8 months ago