Legends Of Forgotten Worlds

by Chriss5678 | Created on 2016-01-08 | Last Updated 3 years ago

This pack was made by me because I was not satisfied with the Tekkit Legends pack. This pack has all Tekkit Legends mods and some more awesome mods such as Aether II, dragon mounts, portal gun, twilight forest and many more! TestServer IP:

8K Installs
14K Runs


by Chriss5678 | Created on 2018-12-10 | Last Updated 2 years ago

A sloppily put together pack with all the mods you could wish for. Has over 350 mods. Some of which are; Draconic Evolution, ProjectE, Applied Energistics 2, Inventory Pets, Twilight Forest, RF Tools, Aether, MFFS and many more. Test Server Is down.

9K Installs
15K Runs

Samsara 1.16.4 Fabric

by Chriss5678 | Created on 2020-11-08 | Last Updated 3 years ago

A new modpack entierly based around the fabric ecosystem. And i gotta say, it's pretty neat. Loads up the game way faster than forge ever did, especially on my old 2012 laptop.

506 Installs
869 Runs