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We miss you :-( ... and your mod pack, too. :-)
snabul on mine_my_own_bizz's profile 7 years ago
Hey, my friend has the last version of hexplore it, may i have the pack so we can play?
SkyDucky on mine_my_own_bizz's profile 7 years ago
In the middle of a move, but considering starting a TerrafirmaCraft based modpack in the future... Hmm...
mine_my_own_bizz liked the modpack Vanilla Guerrilla 9 years ago
mine_my_own_bizz liked the modpack Dragons & Doggies 9 years ago
mine my own bizz, dear friend, please update hexplore it ( add some mods, update some mods, remove some mods etc...) as your modpack is by far the best modpack ever, ive been playing it for quite a while and it has soooo much potential.
Extended Coffee on mine_my_own_bizz's profile 9 years ago
mine_my_own_bizz liked the modpack Steve's Galaxy (Legacy) 9 years ago
While I may be nauseated by copious amounts of patronization and condescension, genuine integrity and superiority speaks in reticence.
Still trying to plug away when I can folks… I have been receiving many emails, comments, offers etc... in regards to helping with dev work. I am getting them but lacking the time I need to adequately respond, my apologies but I will.
***Do not post any information regarding the servers you create for inclusion in my modpacks in the Technic Forums anymore. Although this is not listed in the global rules as improper… (1/2)
…it has recently been demonstrated that this is now unacceptable even from the dev work angle we were working. Thank you for your cooperation! :D *** (2/2)
Note to self: You don't have to attend every argument that you are invited to. It is okay to let others be wrong for sanity's sake. ;)
Average day... Log into the forums, resend validation email, it doesn't work, cry because i can't even report it on the forums, wait to try again the next day...
I am willing to make a server for this pack. Contact me at [email protected]
mrbird420 on mine_my_own_bizz's profile 9 years ago
Wondering if and when Technic will use either BBcode OR HTML on our modpack's "About" pages? This mixture of bits & pieces of the two working is almost as frustrating as trying to format a post on the Minecraft Forums. Blargh.
mine_my_own_bizz liked the modpack Hexplore-It 9 years ago
can i get a server?
mark77566 on mine_my_own_bizz's profile 9 years ago
Why herro dere Technic Platform 2.0... Let's do this!!!