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_GandalfTheGray_ liked the modpack The Fellowship v3.0 2 months ago
Hi! Been having fun on the LOTR server for a few weeks. Can't connect today 7/3, have tried many times. Can you please help? Thanks!
BadWolfGrl on _GandalfTheGray_'s profile 7 months ago
Hello there. I just started playing your LOTR modpack....nice job! I hope it stays up for a while. It'd be nice to chat with you about your future plans....cheerio.
bbushh on _GandalfTheGray_'s profile 8 months ago
I think the ender dragon fight is crashing the server, I went to the end to go farm endermen but after the dragon appeared and started attacking me the server began to crash every time I logged in
Jesterspark on _GandalfTheGray_'s profile 1 year ago
i have 8go dedicated to mc and i lag , unplayable xD
wartic on _GandalfTheGray_'s profile 2 years ago
hello a rpg serv can be fun without all this heavy mod, i recomand u to reset ur serv to keep the best, and try add quest with custom npc, remove useless mod, if u wanna help with this heavy task :), i am a mod builder, builder, and a fan of Tolkien Folk
wartic on _GandalfTheGray_'s profile 2 years ago
I found the best server host. https://www.akliz.net/manage/aff.php?aff=180
_GandalfTheGray_ liked the modpack Adventures of Arda 2 years ago
_GandalfTheGray_ liked the modpack Middle-Earth Modpack 2 years ago
_GandalfTheGray_ liked the modpack The Two Towers 2 years ago
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