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skittishtrigger liked the modpack Tae-TekLite 5 years ago
skittishtrigger liked the modpack TAE-GetSpanked 6 years ago
Basic updates done(anything after this will be mod updates && cosmetic changes) Servers(solder link) finished for now. Dev-Server up, admin stuff done, working on a safe spawn now. To help, or ask questions see the official discord linked on the modpacks.
Lots of updates recently for both packs and an updated basic server pack for Get-Spanked. Hopefully major updates and changes will be done soon.
As a note, my modpacks are designed for adults. Although I keep cursing and lewdness to a min. they all should be considered R18. Discord server has rules and dedicated channel for nsfw conduct but decorum should be used.
Retro did hurry up and get that background done. Good job! Update today but its not updating in launcher. working it out now. Hopefully it won't take long.
skittishtrigger liked the modpack TechnAintEasy 8 years ago