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Green RaidCo is coming back on Destruction and Despair come join us
NetherDragonPvP on acantu's profile 3 years ago
dont use versions to chat
gpssoccer on acantu's profile 3 years ago
acantu liked the modpack Silver's Flans Tech and More 5 3 years ago
acantu liked the modpack Flan'sTechandMoreRemastered 3 years ago
guys me and dyll found a pack heres the link
acantu 3 years ago
alright so it seems that the server is still down for us so we either find a differnet pack or a dfferent server-green
acantu 3 years ago
yes the crafting dead is a pack and the server is working- green
acantu 3 years ago
nether are u in the eastern time zone
acantu 3 years ago
Well my modpack is gone for now at least but I've started working with the group at Astro-Knights, I believe you have already joined their server. Want to come see me?
gpssoccer on acantu's profile 4 years ago
silver what happened to the mod pack
acantu 4 years ago