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We have decided that the name does not match the theme so the actual pack release will be/has been deleted and the new name "Project: Alpha Moon" will be created once we get the pack out of beta.
CharZinta 8 years ago
Area 51 have planets? industrial craft 2? build craft? mo creatures?
Melibeta on CharZinta's profile 8 years ago
Release of 1.25 of the beta should be the final one, not accounting for bugs and problems, as we finalize the mod pack and start working on configurations and try to track possible ban items and move towards a release.
CharZinta 8 years ago
CharZinta liked the modpack Blightfall 8 years ago
Sorry for crashing the server lol
cproo12 on CharZinta's profile 9 years ago
Hey is the server still up?
cproo12 on CharZinta's profile 9 years ago