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can you help me ? I am trying to make the exact modpack you have created with is amazing BTW just with pixelmon... and alot of bugs haooen in the way I cant find some of the mods and more prob
amit5326 on AtomicWaffle14's profile 5 years ago
are the server files up 2 date
potato127 on AtomicWaffle14's profile 6 years ago
Sure gmoney43. It's for my Well Rounded Modpack though. The ip is What's your ig username?
uh i was wondering if i could join your private server and if i could i would cry my pug tears away :p
gmoney43 on AtomicWaffle14's profile 8 years ago
I've resumed work on me Well Rounded Modpack. It's awesome now!
AtomicWaffle14 liked the modpack Tinkering Time 8 years ago
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Looking for an awesome Technology Pack? Check out Atomic's Ultimate Tech Pack!
Currently working on my new modpack, The Engineer's Paradise! It is currently working but I'm still in the process of tweaking it.
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Try out my Modpack, Atomic's Well-Rounded Modpack! There's lots of useful information on the modpack website! :D
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