Install Volts Community - 1.7.10

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Volts Community - 1.7.10) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Volts Community - 1.7.10 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Volts Community - 1.7.10 Version 1.5.8

created by kmecpp on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

Version 1.5.8 - Recommended
AE2 Stuff by bdew
This mods adds various bits and machines to Applied Energistics 2.
Another One Bites the Dust by ganymedes01
AOBD has grown further than being a simple TIC add-on to allow Ardite and Cobalt processing. It now automatically detects every single ore from every single mod you have installed and creates the necessary dusts and etc in order for that metal to be processed on several mod's machines!
Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2
Applied Energistics 2 is a Minecraft Mod which contains a large amount of new content, mostly centered around the concept of using Energy, and the Transformation of Energy in a unique way. most features relate, or are part of the core mechanic, the ME Network.
BdLib by bdew
This is a collection of generic code used by my other mods.
Currently used by the following released mods:
Pressure Pipes
Advanced Generators
AE2 Stuff
Better Invalid Session by kmecpp
This is an extremely lightweight mod modifies the default Minecraft kick message for having an invalid session to better explain how to resolve the issue if using a game launcher.

As a modpack maintainer, this somehow remains one of the most common issues I have to explain to people so I hope improving the message will save everyone a lot of time.

Everything in the mod is configurable and it supports an alternate message if the player is using ReAuth.
Better Questing by Funwayguy
A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators
Better Questing - Standard Expansion by Funwayguy
Contains a handful of tasks, rewards, importers and themes to get you started using BetterQuesting. Also contains hand held loot chest reward items with tiered levels.
Big Reactors by _ForgeUser23750043
Big Reactors emphasizes the construction of large machines out of multiple blocks, or “parts”. It's designed to complement less-realistic mods such as Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics 2, and Minefactory Reloaded. These mods all offer fun ways to manipulate and “industrialize” your Minecraft world, and rely on a shared power framework.

My core design goal is to provide fun, engaging power systems that are “inspired by” real ones, while maintaining a light-hearted “video game” feel. It should be fun to set up your reactor, fun to modify it, and fun to figure out how to make it work the way you want. More power? Less fuel consumption? A highly-automated sprawling mega-reactor? It's up to you.
Biomes O' Plenty by Forstride
Biomes O' Plenty is an expansive biome mod for Minecraft that adds a slew of new, unique biomes to the Overworld and Nether! To go along with the new biomes, it adds new plants, flowers, trees, building blocks, and much more!
Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
Serving you since 2013, this mod is the ultimate builders tool when needing to create spectacular structures. Ordinary blocks like sand, dirt, and planks are used to cover this mod's blocks. Carpenter's blocks mimic whichever block you cover them with, but in entirely new shapes! This allows you to break free from blocks that have static styles and shapes, and to create a truly customized look.

The mod draws inspiration from many sources, including SuperSlopes and Dawn of the Modern World, while also adding unique new features to vanilla blocks you all know and love. An exhaustive list of available options is available in the tutorial section of the official website.
ChickenChunks by Chicken_Bones
As you all should know, the minecraft world is seperated into chunks. 16x16 areas that are loaded depending on how close a player is to them. If you have machines or plants or anything that does something in a chunk that is not loaded because there are no players nearby nothing will happen.

This mod adds a block called a chunkloader, when placed it will keep chunks around it loaded even if no players are nearby or even online. So now your plants can grow and your automatic quarries can run, even when you're not around.
Chisel by tterrag1098
Chisel adds a huge variety of decorative blocks to the game. The mod is very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft.

Access to new blocks is provided mostly through one tool, the chisel. The iron chisel is created with a iron ingot and a stick in a diagonal pattern.

Right clicking opens the chiseling interface.
CodeChickenCore by Chicken_Bones
Base common code for all chickenbones mods.
CodeChickenLib by Chicken_Bones
Contains libraries for 3D math and transformations, model rendering, packets, config, colours, asm and a few other things.
CodingLib by DarkGuardsman
A non-minecraft lib that is downloaded by VoltzEngine
CoFH Core by TeamCoFH
Contains Core Functionality for all Team CoFH mods. Also does some really cool stuff on its own!

Fixes some Forge oversights and increases stability of some events.

Allows for flexible and powerful control of world generation; used as the primary ore gen mod in many major modpacks.

The Redstone Flux API is required! It can be found here: Redstone Flux

For more detailed information on the mod, please visit the website at TeamCoFH!
CraftPresence by CDAGaming_
Completely customize the way others see you play Minecraft via Discord's Rich Presence API & the DiscordIPC API by jagrosh!
CraftTweaker by Jaredlll08
CraftTweaker is a continuation of Minetweaker3 by StanH. CraftTweaker is updated for the latest Minecraft versions and is is currently being updated unlike the original Minetweaker3 mod by StanH which can be found here: Curse or on Github
Custom Main Menu by Lumien231
This mod allows you to modify the main menu using a json file, you can modify the content / position of pretty much everything the vanilla menu contains. In addition you can also add new stuff to your menu like a slideshow, web links or completely new sub menus.
Dynamic Lights by atomicstrykergrumpy
This modification makes 'shining' items (default: Torch, Glowstone, Glowdust, Lit Pumpkin, Redstone, Lava Bucket, powered Minecart) illuminate everything around them if
Extra Utilities by RWTema
Adds an assortment of random items and blocks that facilitates and enhances gameplay, including (but not limited to): low-lag pumps and quarries. power/fluid/item transport pipes.
ExtraCells 2 by Destroyer7128
ExtraCells is the first Applied Energistics Add-On, implementing quite some very usefull functions. EC began with just being an Add-On for bigger Storage Cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System. Thanks to EC you can now store Fluids/Liquids in the network, on storage cells or in real tanks, using the storage bus. Apart from fluids, EC also contains some usefull things like abackup battery, a ME Dropper and a fully customizable storage cell, which you can upgrade. And finally, my Blast Resistant ME Drive protects your storagecells against creeper explosions :P
You can find more functions in the wiki and in the mod itself, since the wiki isnt always up to date, but I'm working on it ;)
ExtraPlanets by MJRLegends
An advanced Galacticraft Addon
Forge by LexManos
Forge Multipart by Chicken_Bones
ForgeMulitpart, an opensource library for having multiple things in the one block space.
Galacticraft Core by Micdoodle8
Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship.
Galacticraft Planets by Micdoodle8
Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship.
ICBM - Classic by DarkGuardsman
Everyone loves PvP and blowing your enemies up with style... but how do you get those explosives to your enemy. That is where missiles come into play. With ICBM classic you gain the ability to craft a wide range of explosives, mount them on missiles, and launch them into an orbital path with your foe.
Inventory Tweaks by JimeoWan
Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use, including sorting and automatic replacement of broken tools or exhausted stacks of items.
Iron Chest by ProgWML6
Iron Chests mod has chests for the various metals in vanilla minecraft with varying sizes!
It's the little things by Zlepper
Enable changing of the minecraft icon, title, and adds other little options. Allows adding a dedicated server to the modpack
Mekanism by bradyaidanc
Mekanism is an independent tech mod that brings low, mid, and high tier machinery to Minecraft. The mod doesn't have an actual goal, and you'll understand this when you see all the random content Mekanism contains, from jetpacks to balloons. However, I can assure you that you'll notice all the content blend together as you get to know the mod better!
Micdoodle Core by Micdoodle8
Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship.
Minefactory Reloaded by skyboy026
MFR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, boring, or work-intensive. It also provides some additional support blocks and machines.
ModTweaker by Jaredlll08
ModTweaker is an addon for CraftTweaker, a recipe manipulator utility for Minecraft. It allows you to modify the recipes of other mods that add their own crafting mechanics
Modular Powersuits by machinemuse
Modular Powersuits is a Minecraft mod based around the idea of an inventor who tinkers with high-tech electronics and makes a suit of powered armor chock-full of useful gadgets and features. Inspired by heroes like Iron Man, Megaman, and Samus Aran, as well as by the high-tech armor in mods like EE2 and IC2.

To start off with, you'll need a Tinker Table and at least one powersuit item - the helmet, torso,legs, boots, or tool. The powersuit items are useless on their own, but when you access a tinker table, it will list the modules you can put in that item, and tell you the component cost.
NEI Addons by bdew
Addons for Not Enough Items for various mods
NotEnoughItems by Chicken_Bones
Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more
NotEnoughResources by way2muchnoise
Adds NEI integration for world resources like ores and mob drops
NuclearCraft by tomdodd4598
A modern physics mod for Minecraft
Numina by machinemuse
Numina is a library that includes common functionality for all my mods, and a few extra utilities that people have requested.
Open Modular Turrets by Keridos
A mod that adds tons of modular turrets, upgrades, add-ons, and general manly security measures!
OpenBlocks by OpenMods
Random collection of blocks. Some of which aren't blocks at all.
OpenComputers by Sangar_
Modular, persistent, programmable computers and robots.
OpenModsLib by OpenMods
Common base used by OpenBlocks and OpenPeripheral
OptiFine Fixer by kmecpp
Removes the tile/entity count from the OptiFine TPS info text
p455w0rd's Library by TheRealp455w0rd
Lib Mod to consolidate common functionality used across p455w0rd's Mods
Physica by aurilisdev
Physica is a Minecraft Mod for version 1.7.10 focused around science and technology that introduces many new machines/blocks and items into the game.

Physica Forcefield by aurilisdev
Physica Modular Forcefield System is the next Minecraft technological mod. It intends to bring back aspects from older mods, while also introducing new content. Physica Modular Forcefield System is meant to be realistic, but still an enjoyable mod.
Physica Nuclear Physics by aurilisdev
Physica Nuclear Physics is the next Minecraft technological mod. It intends to bring back aspects from older mods, while also introducing new content. Physica Nuclear Physics is meant to be realistic, but still an enjoyable mod.
Player API by Divisor82
Player API gives third party mods managed access to the main player classes
Project Red - Base by MrTJP
This is the base file for Project Red. It contains the core module which contains things that the rest of Project Red needs to function. It is required for anything else to work.
Project Red - Integration by MrTJP
This is the integration file for Project Red. It contains the integration and transmission modules, which add various types of redstone gates and redstone wiring that is much better to work with then dust.
Project Red - Lighting by MrTJP
This is the lighting file for Project Red. It contains the illumination module which adds various types of awesome-looking redstone controlled lights that will quickly entice you to replace your old and outdated torches.
ReAuth by TechnicianLP
Fixes the Problem of having to restart your Client when your Session invalidates
Resource Loader by Lumien231
This mod is meant to be used together with my other mods Custom Main Menu and Custom Backgrounds but it can be used with any other mod that can take resource locations for config options.

It allows users to add their own resources to minecraft. While this would be possible using resource packs these resource packs would be visible in the resource pack window (Which the resources added by this mod aren't) and you can also just add resources to a simple folder which is easier then repackaging the resource pack every time.
Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH
Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - blocks for transporting Items, Fluids, Redstone Flux, and even Players!

The purpose of this mod is to provide a fairly straightforward way of moving things around while maintaining a Minecrafty feel. As with most things in the Thermal series, tiered progression means that you can start using ducts early on and scale up as you progress through the game.
Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH
Expanding Minecraft Thermally! A server-friendly and content-rich blend of magic and technology!

Now in its sixth year of existence, Thermal Expansion started out back in 1.2.5 as something that played well alongside BuildCraft, but it has grown to become so much more!

It features a tech tree involving multiple machines, balanced and flexible recipes, and is now one of the foundation mods in modded Minecraft gameplay. Many of the gameplay ideas and mechanics set forth by Thermal Expansion have become staples in the modded Minecraft community, including both the Fluid and Energy (RF) systems, now both included as part of Minecraft Forge.
Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH
The Foundation of a Thermally enhanced world!

This mod is required for the Thermal Series and provides modpack makers a way to add resources to their worlds. Obviously, it plays best alongside as many other Thermal mods as possible. ;)
Vic's Modern Warfare by Vic4GamesTwitch
This mod was created with the intention of giving everyone something better than we've had before. 3D guns are an old story; but HD modeled 3D guns with high quality hand and reloading animations is a new story.
Voltz Community Modpack by kmecpp
Voltz Community Modpack
Voltz Community Modpack Files by kmecpp
Base files for the Voltz Community Modpack
Voltz Engine by DarkGuardsman
Voltz Engine is primarily a content creation system for mods created by the BBM Team. It provides basic tools for creating new items, tiles, machines, entity, ores, resources, world gen, and handling commands. The goal of Voltz Engine is to reduce the time taken to build and maintain mods. It does this by reducing the amount of code required by moving it to a data driven model.
Waila by ProfMobius
Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block information directly ingame, without the need of opening an UI.

It provides a small unobtrusive tooltip on top of the screen with informations about the block the player is looking at.

A powerful API is provided so other modders can add their own information relative to their blocks to it.
Wireless Crafting Terminal by TheRealp455w0rd
An addon for Applied Energistics 2 that adds a wireless version of the Crafting Terminal
Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition) by xaero96
Fair-play edition of the Xaero's Minimap mod, designed for fair PVP against players without a minimap.

Latest Update

v1.5.6 patches the log4j2 exploit