Install VoidPack 2 Skyblock

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (VoidPack 2 Skyblock) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select VoidPack 2 Skyblock from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

VoidPack 2 Skyblock Version 5.0.1

created by FrankCG on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
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Does anyone know how to get to the end? Or is that not possible.
Jimbobthemighty 2 months ago
I love how everyone has questions but the modpacks dev/devs seem to just abandoned the modpack, also if anyone knows, how do I get quests/missions, cuz I recon that there was a questlog book ingame, but its gone for idk how long.
xXxAchilleus095xXx 3 months ago
can i use optifine and the pack or not because when i put optifine with the mods the game goes to opens and then closes
Furious85 3 months ago
where is Server download???
Bernardo121 4 months ago
i would love to know the same
Posted by Wellak 3 weeks ago
how much ram do you need for voidpack 2
Killerkiwi457 4 months ago
this modpack have any quest ????
RIPtide722 4 months ago
uhhhh okay so how do I actually like start doing stuff? I'm not really sure where to start, I just cut down the tree and re-planted the sapling and I have no idea what to do next.
mcgrayson 5 months ago
also how do I get the tree to grow xd
Posted by mcgrayson 5 months ago
okay so nevermind on the whole tree thing I got it I started crouching and it grew
Posted by mcgrayson 5 months ago
Okay so how do I get more dirt how do I get stone how do I make any sort of progress other than twerking in front of a tree?
Posted by mcgrayson 5 months ago
You got everything better now after 4 months?
Posted by ignotantpolly 4 weeks ago
does anybody knows where can I find and download the server.jar file of this modpack anywhere? I want to host LAN server for me and my friends to play
Mayp33 5 months ago
do you guys still have the achievement book? If you do then why dont have one?
animelover090397 6 months ago
I don't have my achievement book pls help
Yuuki_Kazata 6 months ago
Do you think in a possible future update you could add Refined storage, Vein mine and cobblestone generators?
Daedric36 6 months ago
No need for cobblestone generators also vein miner would be great
Posted by ignotantpolly 4 weeks ago
Hi, i dont why i cant finish download, when start check the version, he retry again and again "Fail to download" Help Please.
Mark_kgm 6 months ago
What do I have to do to get on the server?
Volth5 6 months ago
Please add Server download again so we can play on our own servers again
Chrxs 7 months ago
why will this not download fully it says it fails alot
BubbleBubbleGum 8 months ago
why will this not download fully it says it fails alot
BubbleBubbleGum 8 months ago
So i want do play this with 2 friends on a private server. Which forge version is this, and do i have to do anything special to get this working. Tested it with the latest 1.7.10 version of forge, just copied the mods and configs, the server crashed.
mrbevers 8 months ago
you have to remove all the client side mods
Posted by Mandalore24 7 months ago
i/e Gui mods and NEI and any loading screen mods
Posted by Mandalore24 7 months ago
is this bassically Skyfactory? idk i want to know though
PikachuGamez 9 months ago
it is like a version of skyfactory but for computers that can't handle the real thing
Posted by Larsies 9 months ago
Is there an apart download file i cant seem to get technic to work.
KillerIndy 10 months ago
Hello. I think your game is broken online. I am not able to join. Error when trying to start session online : "Failed to login : Invalid session (Try restarting your game)". Obviously, I tried to restart the game, but this doesn't work. Does anyone have any Idea of what is going on (and how to fix it.) ? For Information, my password is said to be crackable in several years, and I don't have a second minecraft running.
LennyTheSniper 10 months ago
Hi i had the same error and i log out or iwas was log out and i just loged in and i justr connected and i fixed it there somehow
Posted by Darvin_Killer 9 months ago

Latest Update

VoidPack 2 Skyblock was updated to version 5.0