Install Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 Version 0.990

created by Slayer5934 on Minecraft 1.12.2

Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 updated to version 0.85

Updates for mods and update server list thingy update.

- Nothing

- Animania 1.6.1 > 1.6.2 (AI optimizations.)
- AE2 rv6-4 > rv6-6 (Fixes some stuffs, mainly the no NBT/damage crash.)
- Botania r1.10-357 > r1.10-358 (Improves botania performance and fixes stuffs, mainly horses turning into babies.)
- CFM 5.17.0 > 6.2.0 (Adds some new stuff and fixes the infamous sitting glitch.)
- CTM > (Fixes some item lighting and model rendering.) (Client only)
- DungeonTactics 0.15.7 > 0.15.8 (Adjusts DT worldgen and maybe fixes a crash.)
- EnderIO 5.0.37 > (A whole LOT of fixes.)
- Galacticraft Core, Planets, Micdoodle > (A bunch of crash fixes.)
- IC2 2.8.103 > 2.8.108 (Mainly fixes a networking issue and fakeplayer interactions, and some other small things.)
- IndustrialForegoing 1.11.6 > 1.12.4 (Lots and lots of machine fixes.)
- JEI > (Fixes a bunch of stuff including enchantment id mismatch, maybe breaks something.)
- Natura > (Fixes mod incompatibility.)
- RandomPatches > (Fixes MC-2025 which means mobs shouldnt suffocate in blocks anymore/as much, golden lasso compatibility.)
- SoulShardsRespawn 1.0.8-11 > 1.1.0-12 (Internal event handling changes.)
- TConstruct > (Tons of performance and bug fixes, general QoL improvements.)

- Disabled quick ladder climb because it makes elevators useless. (config > dungeontactics.cfg > B:"C-Quick Ladder Climb"=false)
- Edited default keybinds and options. (config > defaultoptions) (Client only)
- Edited server list. (servers.dat) (Client only)

- NEI due to JEI incompatibility, this is likely to stay due to NEI always having too far delayed updates.
Slayer5934 posted a changelog update for Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 2 years ago


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