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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (SFT Pixelmon) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select SFT Pixelmon from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

SFT Pixelmon Version 2.9.4a

created by dpa1991 on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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I love the pack, and the server is fun to play on with friends. The biggest issue I have is that the level cap for gyms is too frustrating for casual players — they're not fun and I feel like adding a cap to gyms is pointless and difficult. The worst part is that the one who had the idea in the first place (LoastyToasty, afaik) is completely dismissive, unresponsive and defensive when people bring up the issues. My friends and I like to play casually, we love the way the server is set up but it absolutely ruins it when you bring a level 21 Pokemon into a level 20 gym and it won't let you participate. The mod combinations are great and like I said, I love the server, but things could be handled much better. Some of the staff are very unprofessional when it comes to answering questions. Random players on the server have been more helpful to me than actual staff members.
melonoh 1 year ago
We always love to hear feedback and we have taken the gyms into constant consideration for adjustments. I myself (LoastyToasty) am sadly not able to give input in relation to gyms as that is not my skilled area when it comes to the server developement. If you were able to give me your In-Game name i would love to be in contact so we can discuss these issues further so we can give you and everyone else a better playing experience. Hope to hear from you soon. - LoastyToasty
Posted by tady1 1 year ago
Delta handles the gyms but I'm open to bumping up the levels for gyms. My thoughts behind the level requirements was to prevent players from just blasting through the gyms with max pokemon, much like in the original games where each gym badge lets you control slightly stronger pokemon.
Posted by dpa1991 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
when i press play it loads then says you need 2GB but i have 7.5 GB available does anyone know hot to fix this? (I cleared more space and re-installed pixelmon)
FoxyTheRusher 2 years ago
also have the latist java
Posted by FoxyTheRusher 2 years ago
the new NVidia graphics driver (378.66) works fine
ChrisPlaysX 3 years ago
"If you're having issues with loading the modpack, it seems that the recent GeForce driver broke the modpack. Just down-grade your driver and it should work again. I'm using version 376.33 and it seems to work fine." If you have any problems we have a forum!,325.0.html
blalp 3 years ago
Never ever played the server and i went on for the first time and it said i was banned from the server even though i've never played
Invair 3 years ago
My friend can't seem to get onto pixelmon. She was able to once before but ever since it says that the server is invalid on her computer.
greenmittens08 3 years ago
She can play single player but can't go onto multiplayer
Posted by greenmittens08 3 years ago
Can anyone help me Cause my pixelmon modpack deleted the server ip and what is the server ip. Also if possible i would like to know is something is wrong with it
LeGamerX 3 years ago
The ip is
Posted by dpa1991 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
This server would be a great experience and great source to play pixelmon if the Staff/GymLeaders were capable of doing their job in a more mature way, and not spam people, (Like myself,) about buying my pokemin, which I state are not for sale, and this is only one of the examples of immaturity of the Staff. Keep in mind, I am not bashing the server, it is amazing in fact!, its just the staff and or gym leaders that hold back my liking of the server.
fiijis 3 years ago
Which staff members were spamming you about your pokemon? We have a forum (Link on the right) where you can report any such abuse. Remember, screenshots will help your case. Also on a side note, Gymleader ranks are not staff - They're player obtained ranks.
Posted by dpa1991 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
dpa1991, To make the Pixelmon better can u add the mod that everyone loves Tinkers' Construct because it would be much better and it would be more fun. Could u also add some other mods like Galactic Craft (Not sure if Pokemon spawn up in space but still a good mod) etc. Thanks Shoot_Me_Down/MC ItsYourBoyJimmYT P.S: Ur server is really good, not laggy and just fun to play with other people. Also can u try and setup teamspeak for ur server. That would be great.
Shoot_Me_Down 3 years ago
when i try to download it the resource folder wouldnt work
CA12DONAS 4 years ago
Im not banned from normal minecraft server, could this be a IP ban or would that show on the ban report
eaglessoar5 4 years ago
Ok... it must be a glitch because half the time i try to join it crashes the other half it says im ban. Also how i can take a screenshot of the ban report if you want to see i will also check if i can join any other server. Also thanks for looking at the comments so often :).
eaglessoar5 4 years ago
DPA i am just about to play the mod :)
AutoGamerXYZ 4 years ago
Forgot to say the person who banned us did NOT write their name, Also sorry about putting this into 3 Comments
eaglessoar5 4 years ago
eaglessoar5 and eaglessoar6 do not have any active bans running, are you sure you're getting this error?
Posted by dpa1991 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Well i just tried to join and im also banned for reason unknown? Did we do something wrong?
eaglessoar5 4 years ago
Hi iv got a friend named eaglessoar6, I know our names are almost the same he just couldent think of a name, anyway he is banned from the normal server for reason: unknown and the ban never goes away why was this ban put on him?
eaglessoar5 4 years ago
When are you going to update to the latest pixelmon?
hackerpro1213 4 years ago
Yeah I agree SFT Pixlemon really needs it. I want to finally use all the new pokemon and remodels. DPA please update it if at all possible :)
Posted by SpectralHaunter_ 3 years ago
this modpack has horrible staff that don't deserve their title, they banned my friend because he didn't read the rules... there names were atc and Rj plz unrank them
taekwandoh7 4 years ago
We don't ban players unfairly, all bans are able to be appealed. Tell your friends to post an unban on the forums and I'll personally look into it. Just link back to this page in the unban.
Posted by dpa1991 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
I tried to install it today but it would stop the installation at 27% wierd because i used to have this installed before and i dont know how to fix this please help
exavier250 4 years ago
The percentage will not move until the Pixelmon mod itself is downloaded. The pixelmon mod is 200MB so it's going to take a while, just let it sit there for a bit and it should start going up. All depends on the speed of your internet/connection to our servers
Posted by dpa1991 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
and its stops at uploading minecraft assets
stuttertxg32 4 years ago
Are you still having issues?
Posted by dpa1991 4 years ago | Modpack Creator

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SFT Pixelmon was updated to version 2.9.1c