Install Rexxit: Jurassic Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Rexxit: Jurassic Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Rexxit: Jurassic Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Rexxit: Jurassic Pack Version 1.1.5

created by endermedia on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Awesome pack! I'm setting up a test server for this and tweaking the settings for performance. However, I ran into a problem that I haven't experienced before. The server starts up fine, loads great and all looks well from the console. Upon joining, if I open inventory it crashes and malises doors do not function (no animation), mekanism pipes crash the client. This is all client side and It's returning tinkers or nei errors in client crash report. Any thoughts?
RumBeard 4 years ago
That is rather odd, I'll look into it.
Posted by Amaxter 4 years ago
it dosent work it gets me back to the luncher
blalee6 4 years ago
i can't install the modpack it says it is corruptet
Matsergamezzz 4 years ago
nefer minde its working agene
Posted by Matsergamezzz 4 years ago
when i try to open it it takes me back to the luancher?? pls help meh
bensnook1 4 years ago
What are you using as your file hosting service? I just wanted to know because i'm having trouble with the one i'm using for my modpack.
brickherder 4 years ago
We have a private CDN, not a public file hosting service.
Posted by Amaxter 4 years ago
How do you get one of those?
Posted by brickherder 4 years ago
cupcakelover245 4 years ago
I've got a server running at It won;t be up 24/7, but it will be up during the day. It also isn't super fast, it may have a bit of lag. Oh by the way it's creative mode. But anyone is free to join, as long you don't bother other players, ask for OP, or do bad stuff.
Pocketkid2 4 years ago
I am thinking of making some organized games or something fun :)
Posted by Pocketkid2 4 years ago
Me and my friends set up a server yet none of the mods work? Can you help with this?
briar73 4 years ago
does anyone have a server setup yet i would be very happy to join IGN- puppy63376
puppy63376 5 years ago
Damn, the Custom Menu mod always makes games unresponsive in the main menu. It causes too much stress to my pc. I have no idea why the mod does this, but it makes the game unplayable for me. It sucks, I was looking forward to playing this pack, you have a lot of great mods. I will like the pack regardless!
ryco50 5 years ago
At least you didn't have shaders, and I launched a world without knowing it. THAT would have been truly annoying XD
Posted by ryco50 5 years ago
It would be cool if CustomNPCs was added for populating the park
SkooTheWizard 5 years ago
CustomNPCs is a great mod for packs like this, not only for the npc aspect, but even for the weapons, and cool stuff it adds. Ancient Warfare (Medieval Geared or not) is also a great mod for some aspects it adds in.
Posted by ryco50 5 years ago
Ancient Wafare would be AMAZING
Posted by puppy63376 5 years ago
Crashes on Startup For Me?
ImPoseidon 5 years ago
Explanation given on the post that this link leads to
Minegameboy 5 years ago
did some one make a sever
evil_chipmunk25 5 years ago
started a LAN reply if u want to join
kyzer217 5 years ago
Can i join please?
Posted by PuffyNoodles 5 years ago
Posted by JackTheDeer 5 years ago
How would we join a LAN? LAN is only broadcast on your computer network, they aren't servers. Unless of course you mean you set up a basic modded server for 5-10 players with a few plugins, then by all means I'll join. IGN- ryco50
Posted by ryco50 5 years ago
I'd be interested in a server too :)
Posted by craven23 4 years ago
My IGN is yodaghost2 if you are speaking of what Ryco here says
Posted by Land of Legend 4 years ago
what's the ip for the server pleash someone tell me ;-;
melonfarm 5 years ago
what is the server addesse ?
mariusboesen 5 years ago
Water isn't infinite even from large bodies. Is this intentional?
Tarrachal 5 years ago
Even if intentional how do I change it for my own server please?
Posted by Tarrachal 5 years ago
It seems it is intermittent, sometimes it fills back in, sometimes not.
Posted by Tarrachal 5 years ago
where is the server download?
TimH3000 5 years ago
It's an amazing modpack so far, so keep up the good work! Hope the server sets up soon.
Frostdraga 5 years ago

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