Install Pixelmon Reborn 5.1.4

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Pixelmon Reborn 5.1.4) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Pixelmon Reborn 5.1.4 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Pixelmon Reborn 5.1.4 Version 1.1

created by vexall on Minecraft Version 1.10.2

Pixelmon Reborn Beta 8

This is a modpack running the latest version of pixelmon reborn.

Please remember to check out the pixelmon reborn site:

List of new Features

New Pokémon:

(KEEP in mind, this list is only the new pokemon in the BETA 8 update, there are many new pokemon in the mod)

Cerubi Cherrim Ambipom Buneary Lopunny Hippopotas Hippowdon Croagunk Toxicroak Carnivine Lickilicky Tangrowth Cressilia Phione Manaphy (Tentacle a little glitch) Shaymin (Land) Victini Lillipup Herdier Stoutland Purrloin Liepard Pansage Simisage Pansear Simisear Panpour Simipour Munna Musharna Blitzle Zebstrika Audino Timburr Gurdurr Conkeldurr (Black Lines) Tympole Palpitoad (Tongue) Seismitoad (Tongue) Throh Sawk Lilligant (Black Lines) Basculin Maractus Minccino (Legs go through blocks) Cinccino (Legs go through blocks) Gothita Gothorita Gothitelle Reshiram (No Shiny) Kyurem (No Shiny) Zekrom (No Shiny) Giratina (No Shiny) Gible Gabite Garchomp Deino Zweilous Hydreigon Megas: Aggron (No Shiny) Alakazam (No Shiny) Altaria (No Shiny) Ampharos (No Shiny) Audino (No Shiny, Doesnt Mega Evolve but Obtains the Ability) Beedril (No Shiny, way too small) Blaziken (No Shiny, Too Big) Gallade (Buggy Model, No Shiny) Garchomp (No Shiny. Doesnt Mega Evolve, but Obtains the Ability) Gengar (No Shiny) Gyarados (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Heracross (Buggy Model, Needs Better Animation, No Shiny) Houndoom (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Kangaskhan (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Lucario (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Manectric (Needs Better Animation, No Shiny) MewtwoX (No Shiny, Too Big) MewtwoY (No Shiny, Too Big) Pidgeot (Buggy Model, No Shiny, Reverts to Pidgeot if you get too close) Pinsir (No Shiny, Buggy Animation) Rayquaza Salamence (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Sceptile (No Shiny, Too Small, Buggy Walking Animation, Needs Better Animations) Scizor (No Shiny, Maybe a little too big) Sharpedo (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation, Buggy Model) Swampert (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation) Tyranitar (No Shiny, Needs Better Animation, Buggy Model) Aerodactyl (Kinda Big, No Shiny, Needs Better Animations) Remodels: Salamence Aggron Aerodactyl Scizor

Latest Update

Pixelmon Reborn 5.1.4 was updated to version 1.1