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Pinède Version 2.1.1

created by mariteaux on Minecraft 1.7.10


Version 2.1.1


Long time no see Technic! Minor update to reinclude the Silent's Gems: Vanilla Reskins resource pack, which left the modpack somehow unintentionally. Friends and I have been playing Pinede on a server, and it is GREAT. Maybe more updates in the future! Never out of the question...

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Version 2.1


ayyyyy remember when i said this modpack was finished lol

Well, turns out that's not strictly true. There's still some bits in it that I (formerly we, I am now without my co-pilot) didn't much care for, so here's an update with some removed mods and new mods. I can't really give you any specifics on how and when Pinede will update into the future, but this one's pretty big.

- [NEW] Adventurer's Amulets. This one doesn't have all the proper EMC values, sorry, lazy.
- [NEW] Recurrent Complex
- [NEW] Wolf Armor and Storage
- [NEW] Core mods: Enchiridion, IvToolkit

- [CFG] Got a handle on Roguelike Dungeons. They were spawning too frequently, fixed.
- [CFG] Increased the maximum stack size in a Spice of Life Lunch Box or Lunch Bag, again. It's at 8 this time.

- [REMOVED] Forestry and its companion BiblioCraft and Storage Drawers helper mods.
- [REMOVED] Doggy Talents. Apparently it was glitchy, so it's been replaced with Wolf Armor and Storage.
- [REMOVED] Lost Books, for the time being. I'll add it back in when I have more books for it to drop. (Pinede lore, perhaps...)
- [REMOVED] Power Apples. Potion Shards do something similar and they're more common anyway. Not worth a mod slot.

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Version 2.0


It's been a while, hasn't it?

Here it finally is, Pinède 2.0, at long last. This is about the point where we (Brianna and I) call the pack final. We hit 40 mods in total (as of 2.0), they all play pretty nicely with one another, and we made the modpack we wanted to make: a lean, Tekkit Lite-styled pack of magic, plants, and fantasy, one that we would enjoy ourselves. Barring any further bugfixes and updates, everything's in its right place, generally. The final changelog (for now) is down below.

- [NEW] Optifine (it finally plays nice in the pack, thankfully)
- [NEW] Potion Shards

- [FIXED] More EMC values for Forestry and Botania items. Pretty much the entire pack has EMC values at this point. We've already added support for Forestry backpacks and ProjectE to the new Potion Shards ore.

So if you've been playing along or if you discover this in the future, thanks for taking a look, and we hope you enjoy it. We certainly did.


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Version 1.9.2


Removed Treecapitator and its accompanying core mod in favor of YetAnotherBackupMod.

This update comes with a warning: back up your worlds, especially if your builds run big and take weeks to complete. A power surge knocked my client out and corrupted an entire region file, the one containing the large, livingrock Roman villa I had been building for the past week. I had called it the Atrebates.

We got the world back, but the Atrebates is gone. As a result, we've included a backup mod in the pack. Do make use of it.

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Version 1.9.1


Minor update, giving most everything in the pack some kind of EMC value. For Forestry and Botania stuff, that meant I had to calculate out ingredient values by hand. That was fun. There's a scant few items we missed and some values that I don't necessarily agree with, and they'll get fixed in the coming days.

Also updated are Forestry backpacks, where we shifted some items stuff around to the Adventurer's Backpack. BiblioCraft furniture has also been tweaked, so that framing saws can be placed on the tool rack and chairs give off redstone signals.

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Version 1.9


- [NEW] Power Apples
- [NEW] Lost Books
- [NEW] Old World Gen
- [NEW] The Silent's Gems: Vanilla Reskins resource pack, which features redrawn sprites and textures for every block and item added by the Silent's Gems pack.
- The default textures for the mod are at a much higher resolution than the rest of the pack, and these retextures lower their resolution to help to make it look less out of place.
- All the tool customization stuff still works, no worries.
- The fish tools are also still present.
- Done by me over a sleepless week, specifically for this pack.

- [FIXED] Most of the items in the pack now have proper EMC values, so they can be used with ProjectE and its transmutation features. I've likely still missed some things (Botania stuff, mainly), but this is already a major step up from earlier versions.
- [FIXED] There's now a chocolate roll sprite in the pack's version of Harvestcraft. It was in there the whole time, but someone forgot to capitalize the name properly. I patched the .jar directly for this one.
- [FIXED] The Tome of Knowledge from ProjectE can now be crafted.
- [FIXED] As is customary, more items added to the Forestry backpacks. All of which were apples this time.

- [CFG] NotEnoughItems now displays burn times for fuel, as well as maximum stack size and unlocalized names if you have advanced tooltips on.
- [CFG] Decreased the spawning frequency of Roguelike Dungeons.
- [CFG] Increased the maximum stack size in a Spice of Life Lunch Box or Lunch Bag from 2 to 5.
- [CFG] The overlay on blocks when holding a ProjectE Philosopher's Stone now pulsates.

- [REMOVED] Chest Transporters. JABBA features a dolly that works on chests, barrels, and drawers.

We're getting pretty close to Pinede 2.0. I don't know what the future of the modpack is, but for right now, we're nearing closure.

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Version 1.8


- [NEW] ChickenChunks
- [NEW] Spice of Life and its core mod, AppleCore. The diminishing returns part of the mod is disabled by default.
- [NEW] Description Tags. Hopefully this'll be a worthy replacement of CustomizedLore, which kept crashing clients on our test server.

- [FIXED] More updates to Forestry backpacks, particularly as it pertains to support of Silent's Gems and vanilla items.

- [CFG] Disabled the ability for dogs to starve from Doggy Talents.
- [CFG] Storage Drawers now render items in fancy mode, rather than fast mode.
- [CFG] Warp Stones cool down after a minute now, instead of five minutes.

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Version 1.7.1


Minor update updating the Forestry backpacks with more items from ProjectE, Doggy Talents, Extra Utilities, and some of the other mods in the pack.

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Version 1.7


- [NEW] Extra Utilities

- [FIXED] Forestry backpacks can accept more items.

- [UPDATED] Doggy Talents, to

- [REMOVED] Portable Craft Bench. ProjectE's Philosopher Stone has a portable workbench.
- [REMOVED] CustomizedLore. Kept crashing clients on our test server. We're looking for replacements.

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Version 1.6


- [NEW] ProjectE
- [NEW] Doggy Talents
- [NEW] Portable Craft Bench
- [NEW] CustomizedLore

- [FIXED] Massively improved Forestry backpacks and BiblioCraft furniture, allowing them to accept nearly any block or tool added by another mod. We're still finding new things to add, so stay tuned if an item doesn't go in.

- [UPDATED] Nature's Compass, to 1.3.1
- [UPDATED] Storage Drawers, to 1.10.9
- [UPDATED] Waystones, to 1.0.5

- [REMOVED] Notes. A lot of the time, we forgot it even existed. Writable books serve this function in vanilla anyway.
- [REMOVED] Rope Bridge. We didn't care for it as much as we hoped to.

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Version 1.4


- [NEW] BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition
- [NEW] BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Forestry Edition

- [UPDATED] BiblioCraft, to 1.11.7

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Version 1.3


- [NEW] Storage Drawers: Biomes O' Plenty Pack
- [NEW] Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack

- [UPDATED] BiblioCraft, to 1.11.6

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Version 1.2


- [NEW] CustomLanPort
- [NEW] Inventory Tweaks

- [REMOVED] Recall Stones. Redundant, with Waystones and Silent's Gems teleporters.

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Version 1.1


- [NEW] Rei's Minimap

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Pinède was updated to version 2.1.1