Install Naruto Ninja Life Apollo

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Naruto Ninja Life Apollo) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Naruto Ninja Life Apollo from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Naruto Ninja Life Apollo Version 2.38

created by XeroZon on Minecraft 1.7.10
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So, I really wanted to play on a Naruto Server and then I was on youtube I looked in a video of this server and I really liked it, and I tried to play on it but I couldnt, can somebody make a little guide for me pls I really want to play
bas sur technique il y as le serveur est tu le rejoin
Posted by Gab61300 1 week ago
The kunai and stuff for this pack are all white boxes. Is there a fix for that for me or did i not dowload something?
HippoTable 1 week ago
how do i join the discord the link isnt working and how do i join the server
Blasian_Plays 2 weeks ago
Im not whitelisted
naruto6789 3 weeks ago
How can I reset my progress on server?
OVR273 1 month ago
hey can u help me out idk how to even get in the server
Posted by Blasian_Plays 2 weeks ago
It says I am not whitelisted, also Orochimaru is missing from the spawn so I can get curse mark lvl 2
ipsom 1 month ago
it says at i am not whitelisted
theunknown001 1 month ago
my mangeyou sharingan didn't load I got the letter I talked with an s ranked pninja and nothing
lilberito 1 month ago
I changed my nick and all my stuff say that it not mine
marrsas 1 month ago
aparece para eu verificar meu nick name! algm me ajuda
Cledsonn1 5 months ago
it told me that I got a mysterious letter from a black crow but It wont let me open it. It says that I am cheating it in
ruff5377 5 months ago
It say's I got a "mysterious letter" from a crow but I can't do anything with it because it says that I glitched it in.
TodorokiXIII 7 months ago
did they fix it for you
Posted by ruff5377 5 months ago
so my curse mark diseperd and I got a letter that sed to message you can you pls fix it
Ramboi909 7 months ago
whats the Naruto Ninja Life Apollo sever adress
Draco_14 8 months ago
just press multiplayer
Posted by Spencer1902 6 months ago
i cant join the server. it says failed to verify username. pls help me i really want to play
Divkaran4 11 months ago
what is the server ip
kingmallmall5 1 year ago
ok so if you download this be warned its major staff abuse and if you report them they bully you more not really worth it
Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
most things on the server are broke u have to re-log a lot to fix npcs and if you get a broken sharingan like obitos whos isn't fully developed so you cant use any of his MS moves but one
Posted by Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
They don't fix it they tell u to go spend money to fix or shut up before u get muted
Posted by Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
I Don't Know Where The Owner Is But I Hope He Sees This
Posted by Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
I can say that this is not true and admin will always help you if they can. They work alot on the server and some things are not in the mod yet that they have to code in themselves. It is not fair to judge them since this is a great server and u gotta acctually play to find it fun. If u feel like you have been treated unfairly please tell other staff.
Posted by FatManFUXD 1 year ago
i told other staff on discord only thing they did is laugh at me for asking basic info stuff it wasn't one staff member and yes i agree the MODPACK it self is good and the people on the server are cool but staff them self are horrible there only nice to who they choose be sure before you defend them that ur not one of there favs
Posted by Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
P.S if u get any broken or n/a skills or items get a used to it
Posted by Naruto2k2000 1 year ago
Fatmans correct when I was new all the staff helped me and guided me along the way and how to fix any problems I had
Posted by Kiritchi 5 months ago
Where can i find the server ip, sorry if this has been said in earlier questions, i just really want to jump into things
XxsupermevaxX 1 year ago
texture pack does not work
ELDIBLO 1 year ago
How to download a modpack?????? Respuest en espaƱol o ingles
xXHUESOS_xX 1 year ago

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Naruto Ninja Life Apollo was updated to version 2.38