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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Industrial Rage) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Industrial Rage from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Industrial Rage Version 7.0.0beta3b

created by xKillerbees on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

Version 7.0.0beta3b - Recommended

AE2 Stuff by bdew
This mods adds various bits and machines to Applied Energistics 2.
Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2
Applied Energistics 2 is a Minecraft Mod which contains a large amount of new content, mostly centered around the concept of using Energy, and the Transformation of Energy in a unique way. most features relate, or are part of the core mechanic, the ME Network.
ArmorStatusHUD by bspkrs
ArmorStatusHUD displays your currently equipped armor and held item along with the durability remaining without having to open your inventory!
Avaritia by SpitefulFox
Are you the type of modded Minecraft player that makes a beeline for the designated "end game" and then gives up on ever playing again once you get there? Do you wish there was a way to make the process take significantly longer? Do you love GregTech, but wish it weren't so short? Do you sit down on your chest full of Galgadorian Drills and wish there was a mod that didn't just hand things to you on a silver platter? This might be the mod for you!
BaM's Grave by MrIbby
Instead of dropping your inventory on death, a grave will be dug in which lies a buried chest with your inventory and experience. However, you must have at least 2 chests in your inventory to dig a grave. (If you wish to disable this setting, edit the configuration file located in the .minecraft\config folder.) The grave will be inscribed with your name and time of death. This helps to keep your things from getting lost or despawning.
BdLib by bdew
This is a collection of generic code used by my other mods. Currently used by the following released mods: Gendustry Pressure Pipes Advanced Generators AE2 Stuff Compacter
BiblioCraft by Nuchaz
BiblioCraft is a storage and organizational mod that began as a single bookcase and has expanded to so much more.
bspkrsCore by bspkrs
This is a required dependency mod in order for any of my other mods to work. It contains the core shared classes used by all mods I release. If you don't install it along with any of the other mods here, Minecraft will crash. You have been warned.
Chance Cubes by Turkey
Explore your world and open these mystical blocks to obtain random rewards. Some rewards are helpful while others can be devastating. From rewards that spawn in hordes of zombies and death traps, to ones that build full houses and provide next level items, each reward has its own unique twist to make it feel special. Don't feel like exploring? Then just simply sacrifice some of your lapis to craft and obtain these mystical and trollsome blocks. Making a modpack? Want to make your own addon to add rewards to this mod? Well with an easy to read JSON file format for creating your own custom rewards, you can!
CodeChickenCore by chicken_bones
Base common code for all chickenbones mods.
CoFHCore by TeamCoFH
Contains Core Functionality for all Team CoFH mods. Also does some really cool stuff on its own! Fixes some Forge oversights and increases stability of some events. Allows for flexible and powerful control of world generation; used as the primary ore gen mod in many major modpacks.
Compact Machines by Davenonymous
Adds one simple game mechanic: Small rooms inside of blocks. It basically gives you the ability to build your contraptions inside of a single block. Each side of a Compact Machine has a small buffer for items, fluids and Redstone Flux allowing the room to interact with the outside. Applied Energistics channels and ProjectRed bundled cables are supported as well. The room has the corresponding counterparts on its walls.
Darkcore by ShaneDarkholme
This is a library mod which provides utility functions to my other mods.
EiraIRC by BlayTheNinth
This mod connects Minecraft to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. On a Minecraft client it acts like any other IRC client, on the server it turns into a bridge-bot. Configuration is highly customizable and the mod includes a few special features such as name colors, Twitch chat and screenshot upload.
EiraMoticons by BlayTheNinth
This mod adds emoticons to Minecraft chat. By default, it adds all Twitch global emotes and most Twitch subscriber emotes, but can be configured to limit those further or add emotes from BetterTwitchTV or the generic Twitch smileys.
Enchiridion by joshiejack
Enchiridion 2 is a sequel but not a replacement for Enchiridion. Which was my custom books mod that Mariculture currently relies on to add it's books. The problem with Enchiridion one is that it's books were difficult to edit, and time consuming considering they were formatted with XML. Enchiridion 2 comes complete with an IGE for the books this time around, making making books so much easier. Enchiridion 2 isn't just about the books though. It has a Minecraftopedia, which is entirely based on the Civilopedia from Civilization 5. I will be using that to document my mods in the future ingame. Since it's easier to navigate rather than having to skip through a bunch of pages individually. As well as the book, and pedia editor. Enchiridion has a library page. This prefills itself with informational books from various different mods. You can just click on them from this page without having to carry anything around with you. Taking up no slots! The pedia comes prefilled with some articles about how to use the editor and how to make custom books. So make sure you read to them. To open up the pedia, the default key in game is H (for help).
EnderCore by CrazyPants
This library is used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and many others.
EnderTech by voxelcarrot
EnderTech is intended to be a tech and Ender themed mod, starting at around Thermal Expansion's end-game. It will contain powerful, relatively expensive mechanics, with some configurability. The defaults will maintain a balance that makes my own game more fun.
ExtraCells2 by DrummerMC
ExtraCells is the first Applied Energistics Add-On, implementing quite some very usefull functions. EC began with just being an Add-On for bigger Storage Cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System. Thanks to EC you can now store Fluids/Liquids in the network, on storage cells or in real tanks, using the storage bus. Apart from fluids, EC also contains some usefull things like abackup battery, a ME Dropper and a fully customizable storage cell, which you can upgrade. And finally, my Blast Resistant ME Drive protects your storagecells against creeper explosions :P
Faithful 32 Modded Edition by F32Organization
A double resolution resource pack that stays faithful to Minecraft.
Forge-1.7.10 by LexManos
Minecraft Forge is a Minecraft application programming interface (API) which allows almost maximum compatibility between other Forge mods. It contains a clean room rewrite of RML (Risugami's Modloader) which allows compatibility with modloader mods. It contains hooks into the base Minecraft files that allows modders to make their mods more advanced without editing base classes.
Forge Multi Part by chicken_bones
ForgeMulitpart, an opensource library for having multiple things in the one block space.
Gear Swapper by McJty
With Gear Swapper you can easily define up to four different sets of hotbar + armor and switch with them easily. It works in-game with a block.
Gravity Gun by ichun
This mod adds the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 to Minecraft.
Gregtech by GregoriusT
This Mod is not directed at casual Players in any Way, Shape or Form, it is a Mod that adds a very reliable System, with a very reliable Logic to the Game, that offers the most complexity of all Mods. Said complexity doesn't cause any grinds, but it does consume Time and there is a HUGE difference between grind and time consumption, grind means you need to work hard on things (many stupid Mods do that), what you clearly don't need with GT, while Time consumption means, that you have to think of what you are doing at which point in Time before actually doing it, in order to not end up as a stupid Worker, who does the same repetitive junk over and over again.
Hats by ichun
This mod adds an Aesthetic feature onto players, namely Hats!
HatStand by ichun
This mod adds a single block item, a Hat Stand
HelpFixer by matthewprenger
Some modded commands incorrectly implement a certain piece of code. This piece of code is used for sorting the list of commands alphabetically in the /help command. This incorrect code actually causes the /help command to break with an error that is vague and confusing. HelpFixer changes the /help command to go around the offending code and sort the commands by a method that will work. HelpFixer also logs offending commands to the server log, allowing you to figure out who was causing the problem.
HEXCraft by CelesTekTeam
HEXCraft is a technology and decoration mod inspired by XyCraft. The idea was to bring back similar ideas of block design (we loved it just as much as you did), while still coming up with new ideas and new functionalities. We want to keep the mod within the technology territory, so sadly, we won't be adding stuff like popcorn and other unrelated features.
iChunUtil by ichun
This mod is a shared library required by a couple of my mods.
In-Game Wiki Mod by MineMaarten
The mod started as a Modjam 3 mod, and has been finished. The mod is fully implemented in an other mod of mine, PneumaticCraft. To see what's possible with this mod I recommend installing PneumaticCraft as well. The mod is meant to be a client-only mod. However, it can be installed on a server. Server owners can add server information on their server which the users will see when they log on the server.
Industrial Craft 2 by Alblaka
Granddaddy of tech mods.
Industrial Rage Rootconfigs by xKillerbees
Root configs for IR.
INpureCore by Valaelea
This mod is just a core library for all current and future projects I release. This helps me not pointless duplicate code across multiple projects.
Integrated Circuits by victorious3
Integrated Circuits is a mod that allows you to combine the logic gates that were first introduced by RedPower, and have been adapted several times since, to assemble them into a single block. A list of gates and how they work can be found on the Project:RED wiki. Circuits can have three different input modes: analog, digital and bundled. For the bundled input, a third party mod is recommended that adds bundled wires (however, they can interconnect with each other without the need of a wire in between). A full list of mods supported can be found at the end.
Iron Chests by progwml6
Iron Chests mod has chests for the various metals in vanilla minecraft with varying sizes!
JourneyMap by techbrew
Real-time mapping in game or in a web browser as you explore. JourneyMap is a client mod for Forge which maps your Minecraft world in real-time as you explore. You can view the map in a web browser or in-game as a Minimap or full-screen. It comes in two editions: FairPlay (disables cave-mapping and radar in Multiplayer) and Unlimited (all features available in Multiplayer).
LookingGlass by XCompWiz
LookingGlass's name is a reference to Through the Looking Glass (The novel following Alice in Wonderland). The mod provides an API for other mods to use to create live, animateable render views of other dimensions. It does all the heavy lifting and rendering of the other worlds, providing a simple interface to the perspective of the other world. The rendering of the other world is provided as a simple texture.
MalisisCore by Ordinastie
MalisisCore is framework designed to help develop mods. It covers : Rendering Animation Graphical User Interface New easy to use Inventory management ASM Helper classes for Entities, Items etc..
MalisisDoors by Ordinastie
This mod adds new animations for doors, trap doors and fence gates. It adds new several doors like glass doors, jail doors, laboratory doors, factory doors and garage doors that all have different and original animations. You can also entirely build your doors with a machine that lets you chose the way it looks and the way it moves. In addition you have mixed blocks that takes two different blocks and mixes them together so that one side looks like one block and blends to the second block on the other side. Finally, vanishing frames can be deguised as almost any other block and disappear when recieving redstone current.
McJtyLib by McJty
This is a companion mod required by all mods from McJty. Starting with RFTools 3.20 this will be required and Deep Resonance (once released) will also require it.
Mekanism by aidancbrady
machinery to Minecraft. The mod doesn’t have an actual goal, and you’ll understand this when you see all the random content Mekanism contains, from jetpacks to balloons. However, I can assure you that you’ll notice all the content blend together as you get to know the mod better! Mekanism uses a tier-based system when organizing several of its core features, including Energy Cubes and Factories. There are four tiers: basic, the simplest tier, advanced, the second-most basic tier, elite, the second-most complex tier, and ultimate, the most complex tier. You can upgrade tiers by placing the component in a crafting grid and surrounding it with the necessary resources for the next upgrade (I recommend NotEnoughItems!). By the time you’ve been using Mekanism for a while, you’ll have a near-instructible suit of Obsidian Armor, be obtaining four ingots for each ore you mine, have the ability to fly wherever you want with the hydrogen-powered jetpacks, and have a cute robotic friend following you around while you mine. :)
MineTweaker RecipeMaker by dries007
Easy to use GUI recipe editing! (Open the GUI with the command "/mtrm" or "/MineTweakerRecipeMaker") Add or remove recipes. Supports ore dictionary! Auto-Reload scripts when saving.
MineTweaker3 by StanH
MineTweaker allows you to customize your modpack or server with a simple scripting language. With a few instructions, you can add or remove recipes, change mod recipes, alter names, change furnace recipes, the ore dictionary, tooltips and many other things. MineTweaker is often used to fix conflicting recipes and make recipes from different mods interact and balance with each other better. Scripts are sent from server to client, thus different servers using the same MineTweaker-enabled modpack may have different configurations without having to update clients.
ModTweaker by jaredlll08
ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3. Minetweaker lets you adjust recipes, remove them entirely, or add new recipes. While it has decent mod support, there are many mods that use custom crafting handlers that are not supported natively. ModTweaker plans to provide additional support for as many of these mods over time as possible.
Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse
Modular Powersuits is a Minecraft mod based around the idea of an inventor who tinkers with high-tech electronics and makes a suit of powered armor chock-full of useful gadgets and features. Inspired by heroes like Iron Man, Megaman, and Samus Aran, as well as by the high-tech armor in mods like EE2 and IC2. To start off with, you'll need a Tinker Table and at least one powersuit item - the helmet, torso,legs, boots, or tool. The powersuit items are useless on their own, but when you access a tinker table, it will list the modules you can put in that item, and tell you the component cost.
MrTJPCore by Mr_TJP
A collection of various utilities that make my life easier when it comes to making different mods.
NEI Addons by bdew
Forestry ( Bee breeding and products as recipes (optionally includes secret mutations too) Can show special mutation requirements (biome, temperature, etc.) Tree breeding and products Supports bees added by other mods (Thaumic Bees, Extra Bees, etc.) Adds all bees, combs, saplings and pollen types to NEI search Adds item subsets for NEI menu for bees, saplings, combs, pollen, etc. if NEIPlugins is not installed [?] button support for the Worktable (requires or newer) Botany Displays Flower breeding Applied Energistics [?] button support for the Pattern Encoder Ability to create patterns directly from recipes, even if you don't have the items on you Misc Peripherals [?] button support for the Computer Controlled Crafter Can set the recipe even if you don't have the items on you Ex Nihilo Shows sieve and hammer drops If WAILA is installed, adds detailed overlay for most blocks Various crafting tables - adds [?] button support for alternate crafting tables from many mods BuildCraft Autocrafting Table Equivalent Exchange 3 Minium Stone Andrew2448's addon for MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits In-Place Assembler Tinkers' Construct Crafting station
NEI Integration by Tonius
NEI Integration is two things-- a playground to try out new types of Not Enough Items recipe handlers, and a place to put NEI handlers if I somehow can't get them into the mods they were made for. The mod aims to stimulate other mod developers to add NEI handlers to their own mods, and to help them make their own handlers easier by providing examples. Integration This is a list of the NEI handlers that are in the mod. Minecraft Forge (disabled by default) List of all registered Fluids and associated Fluid Containers Ore Dictionary usage handler Big Reactors Cyanite Reprocessor recipes Electrical Age Compressor, Macerator, Magnetizer and Plate Machine recipes Forestry Recipes of all of the processing machines and the mod's custom shaped crafting recipes MineFactory Reloaded Recipes of most machines that produce or consume fluids, and the Laser Drill (including which foci works on which ore) Pam's HarvestCraft Presser and Apiary recipes Railcraft Blast Furnace, Coke Oven, Rock Crusher and Rolling Machine recipes Other features NEI Integration includes some other features that can be useful to developers. Normal players may also like them, though. Item tooltips (can be toggled and configured in the config file or Forge's config GUI) Ore Dictionary names, Item IDs (like 'minecraft:stone'), Fluid Container information, and burn time in furnaces Additional data dump types for NEI Loaded mods, registered Entities and Tile Entities, dimensions, Ore Dictionary Entries, chest loot, registered Fluids and related Fluid Containers, and NEI recipe handler class names
NotEnoughItems by chicken_bones
Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more
NotEnoughKeys by dmodoomsirius
Overview: Adds sorting to the controls screen Non-vanilla mods registered will be able to have keybinding modifiers. This means any keybindings made by a mod will be able to have any combination of SHIFT CTRL and ALT keys assigned with their normal binding, in order to expand the keyboard. For Devs, the API can be found at
NotEnoughResources by Way2muchnoise
Adds NEI integration for world resources like ores and mob drops.
Numina by MachineMuse
Numina is a library that includes common functionality for all my mods, and a few extra utilities that people have requested.
OC-Minecarts by feldim2425
The mod also adds a network rail which can connect to the cart and charge it's battery. It can also relay network messages. For more information about Items and Blocks look into the OC-Manual or in the wiki(github). The Computer Carts works just like a normal Robot from OpenComputers.
OpenBlocks by OpenMods
OpenBlocks introduces a range of random ideas into Minecraft. There is no theme. Really. We are just putting everything we want.
OpenComputers by Sangar
This mod adds computers that can be programmed in Lua 5.2. Computers persist across saves (i.e. execution resumes where the computer was saved when it is loaded again), they are highly modular (there are graphics cards, network cards, redstone cards, ...). If a compatible power generating mod is present, by default they will need power to run - however, like pretty much everything else about the mod, this can be changed in the config.
OpenModsLib by OpenMods
OpenModsLib is a library of all our common code from OpenBlocks and OpenPeripheral. Little bit rough in places, but it works (most of the time).
OpenPeripheral by OpenMods
This is an add-on for ComputerCraft and OpenComputers which can convert many blocks from all different mods into ComputerCraft/OpenComputers peripherals. It's divided into three components: Core - provides unified ComputerCraft and OpenComputers integration layer Addons - few peripherals, like Terminal Glasses, PIMs, Peripheral Proxies Integration - generic adapters for various blocks from vanilla and other mods
PlanetguyLib by Planetguy
A library focused on simplifying Minecraft modding, making a point to maintain backwards compatibility within Minecraft versions.
PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten
PneumaticCraft is a technical mod all about pneumatics. Apart from a power system based on that of real life, it adds all kinds of tools and gadgets, like Drones, which you can program to do all sorts of tasks for you, or a Pneumatic Helmet, which gives you a Iron Man like HUD.
PortalGun by ichun
This mod adds the portalgun, as well as several other portal-related aspects, to Minecraft! (iChun note – The pages here are outdated. Things are likely to change in the future)
Practical Logistics by Ollie_Lansdell
Practical Logistics gives you the ability to create automated systems via reading, displaying and acting upon data. It allows you to monitor inventories, energy, fluids, entities, machines, tanks, light, weather, direction, movement and much more. You can then send Redstone Signals based upon data through dimensions, giving you absolute control. Data can also be displayed via Display Screens or Holographic Displays. Practical Logistics also can provide data from a growing list of mods including Thaumcraft, Applied Energistics 2, Blood Magic, Industrial Craft, Botania, Calculator and Thermal Expansion. The mod also has support for Forge Multipart allowing you to create aesthetically pleasing setups.
Project Red - Base by Mr_TJP
This is the base file for Project Red. It contains the core module which contains things that the rest of Project Red needs to function. It is required for anything else to work.
Project Red - Compat by Mr_TJP
This is the compat file for Project Red. It contains the compatibility module which allows for Project Red to hook into other mods to provide a more intuitive experience when playing with other mods.
Project Red - Fabrication by Mr_TJP
This is the fabrication file for Project Red. It contains the Fabrication module which allows you to design, process, and fabricate integrated circuits. You can fit hundreds of already very compact gates onto a chip and compile them onto a single gate.
Project Red - Integration by Mr_TJP
This is the integration file for Project Red. It contains the integration and transmission modules, which add various types of redstone gates and redstone wiring that is much better to work with then dust.
Project Red - Lighting by Mr_TJP
This is the lighting file for Project Red. It contains the illumination module which adds various types of awesome-looking redstone controlled lights that will quickly entice you to replace your old and outdated torches.
QmunityLib by Quetzi
Library for Qmunity mods
Railcraft by CovertJaguar
Railcraft started off as a simple minecart mod, but it has since become much more than that. It features a fully fleshed out tech tree, with great effort gone into providing a balanced gameplay. Railcraft was also one of the pioneer mods when it comes to Multi-Block structures. It features a whole slew of these structures, including the mighty Steam Boiler and the stunningly massive Iron Tanks.
Realistic Torches by ChaosTheDude
Realistic Torches is a lightweight mod designed for modpack makers looking to add difficulty to the early game. The primary feature of this mod causes torches to burn out after a configurable amount of time, encouraging players to move toward more permanent light sources early on.
Remain in Motion by Planetguy
A frame mod, aiming to correctly move as many blocks as possible throughout modded Minecraft. See the Github wiki for more information.
RFTools by McJty
RFTools is a mod containing various tools that are related to RF (Redflux) or technology in general. The blocks and items that are in the current version are usable and feature complete. This mod is for 1.7.10 only. The major feature in this mod (since 2.00) is the Dimension Builder. With this device you can make your own dimensions for exploration, mining, building and so on.
SecurityCraft by Geforce
SecurityCraft adds exactly what the name suggests! Lasers, retinal scanners, keypads, unbreakable doors and more. Pairs well with mods such as Smart Moving, Secret Rooms, and the Wall Jump mod. Feel free to download it, and be protected from anyone breaking into your house, even those pesky creepers! For more information, pictures, recipes, and other stuff, check out the Minecraft Forums page, found here.
Sonar Core by Ollie_Lansdell
Sonar Core is the modding framework used by me as part of Calculator and now Practical Logistics. It features a number of useful Java classes which allow me to work much quicker on adding new stuff. It is not currently an open API/Library as it isn't very fleshed out. Sonar Core has been split from Calculator to allow for the release of Practical Logistics.
Special AI by FatherToast
Are monsters boring you? Game not challenging enough? If only there was some kind of mod that added different AI patterns to mobs to do just that... Oh wait, there is: Special AI! Special AI adds a variety of new AI patterns to mobs, including: monsters idly breaking your light sources and certain blocks, an attack AI for "passive" mobs, mounting AI, and a pile of unique combat AIs to keep you on your toes! Each AI added by this mod can be disabled and configured, while most can even be enabled/disabled per mob, including for mobs from other mods! The properties file is generated in the 'config' folder in your .minecraft directory.
Starting Inventory by bspkrs
This mod gives you items and blocks each time you start a new world, just by editing a .txt file or using the convenient commands.
StatusEffectHUD by bspkrs
StatusEffectHUD displays your currently active potions/effects without having to open your inventory! Sweet!
Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe
TARDIS Mod by ShaneDarkholme
This mod adds the ability to own flyable TARDISes with interiors which use the same principle as Dimensional Doors to allow for multiple TARDISes with an interior that's bigger than the exterior. The mod operates under a No GUI philosophy, so pretty much all of the controls are operated simply with right clicks and sneak right clicks (which require an empty hand).
Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH
Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - transportation for Redstone Flux, Fluids, and Items!
Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH
Expanding Minecraft Thermally! A server-friendly and content-rich blend of magic and technology! Thermal Expansion started out as something that played well alongside BuildCraft, but it has grown to become so much more! It features a tech tree involving multiple machines, balanced and flexible recipes, and is now one of the foundation mods in modded Minecraft gameplay. Since its release, the Redstone Flux power network has become supported by the majority of tech and tech-related mods.
Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH
Expanding Minecraft Thermally! This mod is required for the Thermal Series (Thermal Expansion, Thermal Dynamics) and gives modpack makers a way to add resources to their worlds without needing to install all of the tech and other goodies that come with the other mods.
Waila by ProfMobius
Waila (What Am I Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block information directly ingame, without the need of opening an UI. It provides a small unobtrusive tooltip on top of the screen with informations about the block the player is looking at. A powerful API is provided so other modders can add their own information relative to their blocks to it.
Waila Harvestability by squeek502
A client-side add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at.
WAILA Plugins by tterrag1098
This mod adds WAILA plugins for many popular mods. The benefit of this is you are able to see information about their blocks in the WAILA HUD.

Latest Update

Industrial Rage was updated to version 7.0.0 Beta 3