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Type in the modpack name (Herocraft: Realm of Heroes) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Herocraft: Realm of Heroes from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Herocraft: Realm of Heroes Version 1.4.2

created by Kainzo on Minecraft Version 1.11.2
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i cant get onto the server it keeps telling me failed to login try restarting your game and i did 4 times and still couldnt log into the game after each time i restarted my game
ShadowJack 3 years ago
I've been getting exited out of the server for no reason
BlueEnder101 3 years ago
Can't download 1.1.10
Deaky04 4 years ago
Kainzo is still a douchebag. The way he treats people, simply for speaking "wrong" opinions politely, is atrocious. Douchebag (n): "An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears." Or, a "smugtard" for short. Ooh, such a big, bad, tough man on the interwebz; he can ban people for LULZ! xD Seriously, this is why I went over to The Staff are SOCIABLE, friendly, and don't kick their paying Customers off for no reason, then expect them to write out a "Ban Appeal".
XARXU 4 years ago
PS: Your Herocraft Mods link is epic fail. "No such bucket exists". If you're going to play at being productive, at least do it convincingly! ;)
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
(I think the most amusing part is, he doesn't see himself as everyone else does. There are plenty of lickspittles to flatter him for in-game perks, but even they see Kainzo for the douche he is, which Kainzo doesn't actually seem aware of.... Wonder who is going to get banned next, because they didn't hop the "praise Kainzo's half-assed custom weapon design specs" bandwagon.
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
I'm tempted to try this just on the basis of what you have said. I agree with what you are saying on a basic level though. I find it hard to beleave that, that is the the kind of customer service that is being presented and that the basic standard of this modpack and server are so savear, especialiy "if" they expect people to pay for extras. I would urge you not to slander servers on the basis of one or two peoples actions or comment as it isn't always the cause of it being bad. After reading the comments i see that many of them are complants or sujestions on how to make it better. I would advise the creator to look into this and try to iron out some of the problems.
Posted by CRPLwifey 4 years ago
wow well I'm not playing if this guy is here banning thank you for bringing this to light before I downloaded and started playing this thank u
Posted by JustinD5875 3 years ago
i cant even get onto the server it keeps timing out every time i try
DopedUpSLoth 4 years ago
It's a poorly managed server. The lag is DREADFUL, and even when you can get on, you have to break blocks 5-10 times, just to get 1 dirt, or 1 sand, or 1 stone, etc. You'd be better off on another RPG, and there are TONS with better features, that aren't Pay-to-Win like this one.
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
Got on to the server excited to try it. Started level 1 warped from the starting area got killed by some dude then camped me after that... 0/10.
Lunixie 4 years ago
The server is made for only a handful of people, and whatever saps think Herocraft is the only high-end Heroes/RPG Server. The staff are rude, thoughtless, and the people who DO have Ban controls, can barely handle their own genitalia, let alone handle any kind of 'power' responsibly. Someone came in and advertised it, but Kainzo was being (as usual) the Epic Douche one day, so I decided to go check out the other server, and I *LOVED* it!
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
can help me?i can't install they give me error every time
DubSteww 4 years ago
You won't get much help. Kainzo doesn't know what he's doing. His only REAL job on Herocraft is to ban people who don't ride his jock when he's talking about all the (ripped) content he's adding to the server.
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
failed to download! :(
YamiYugi95 4 years ago for a launcher that will load this mod pack flawlessly and it works. Have fun
Posted by ghrast 4 years ago
Can you ad smart moveing to this mudpack? :D
galaxaria_78 4 years ago
I like this mod pack but i wish that you could create your own armor with out needing to become a smith.
razzorx1497 4 years ago
I like the Modpack too, but it's amusing that the Radar *THEY* put in the Modpack, is disabled. So much for seeing hidden Creepers before they blow you to kingdom come.. :(
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
Yeah, Kainzo isn't the brightest bulb in the patch. He could always tweak it so it doesn't show players, but still shows Mobs, but I guess you'd have to actually CODE to know how.
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
There is a custom NPC 1.8. I need it.
rashard101 4 years ago
Avoid this server. This server caters to the rich. Forcing newbies to it to join towns just to have secure chests since their lock feature is so expensive. Expect to be grieved and items stolen from your hidden chests.
WastedZeus 4 years ago
Alright, there is many things wrong with this comment. Griefing is illegal, if someone does that (with minor exeptions like diamond or iron blocks) you can ask for an admin to ban those people with /pe create (offence). The chest locks are expensive, however you only need to login once per month to keep the chest so the overall cost if cheap for the permanent protection. If someone finds your hidden chest without any evidence towards them actually finding it by luck or mistake, you can ask for an investigation and if the person is found guilty, they get banned. Personally, I have never had to pay more than 1000 souls to the server for two chests, then I could adventure to my heart's content. Give this server a nice chance and you will find the best rpg server you have ever played.
Posted by johnnjlee 4 years ago
First off, there are MANY things CORRECT about this comment! Griefing is illegal, but rarely enforced, unless it's done to someone a Mod/Proctor/Kainzo really, REALLY likes (or knows offline). Secondly, if you Petition/Report griefing, you're told "don't abuse the petition system, or you'll be banned" or muted. If you then (despairing) try and ask for help in the /HELP channel, some tool will go "Leave Help Chat", and Mute you if you don't do as they say. The Staff, I think, would serve as better Staff on a server whose only purpose is to Mute people for "being annoying" (ie: distracting conversation from the Staff's idle banter) and ban people for "mass griefing" (right as the player is trying to replant the PUBLIC CROP he harvested), than on a server where the owner is trying to make an honest server. The System, by itself, is good (minus the Bounty system, which is used by Staff & Co to abuse/harass players they don't like), but as Rashard101 said, the server caters to the rich, and people with close ties to Kainzo/Tim himself. If you're not one of the "Precious Few", you will be griefed, looted, raided (all illegally), and just told to basically "Eff Off" if you try and get Staff's help. Kainzo doesn't listen. He defends his Staff's actions blindly, claims "Logs don't lie", when Logs actually show the Staff in a VERY unfavorable light (meaning he either doesn't check logs, or doesn't care). I spent money on /Workbench, and I don't regret it. However, before I spend another PENNY on this server (or refer anymore players to this server), the Staff need to be put in line, and made to stop abusing players, and to stop picking and choosing whom they uphold the rules for/to. I'm still Globally Muted for pointing out to Kainzo all of the above (even offered screenshot links). It's really a blast, knowing that the *OWNER* is so committed to Customer Service, that he'll gladly mute or ban you, just to make his own time online easier or more "fun".
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
Also, everyone who points out the flaws in the Community, is badmouthed, and the staff try and discredit that player (calling them a liar, a "noob", or this "salty" fad phrase, etc). I guess they think, if they convince themselves (and one or two others) that ANYONE who complains is a moron or tool, they won't ever have to look at themselves and make some long-due changes. Well, they've convinced themselves. Now, there's just the disgruntled HUNDREDS (who COULD be paying customers, if treated with baser human dignity and respect) to convince. -_-
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
(sorry for the back-to-back posts. It won't let me use line breaks, so rather than slam you with a wall of text, I separated it into columbs :p)
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
This is absolutely true. Other servers, like, and are SIGNIFICANTLY better. They don't have 5,000 members (most of those auto-configured NPCs to boost the server ratings on HC), but their staff are friendly, fair, and sociable. Towns aren't insanely expensive, and these servers aren't (unlike HC) Pay-to-Win.
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
It would be amazing if you could add the push to talk mod so when in the heat of combat we can still communicate or just chill with friends. Just a thought, thanks.
johnnjlee 4 years ago
Everytime I try to connect to the server is says "Failed to login: Invalid Session (Try restarting your game)" and I restart it and I still get the same message...
chettorcheez69 4 years ago
Everytime I try to connect to the server is says "Failed to login: Invalid Session (Try restarting your game)" and I restart it and I still get the same message...
chettorcheez69 4 years ago
Kainzo bugged the Modpack. Sorry! Maybe try out or
Posted by XARXU 4 years ago
Download is not working
Maxgamer2 4 years ago for a launcher that will load this mod pack flawlessly and it works. Have fun
Posted by ghrast 4 years ago
I changed my skin and now I can't play. So do I just wait a little bit or?
TheFutureBowtie 4 years ago
Fail to download
bbkururu 4 years ago
does not install, says that it is not installed or corrupt. would like to try this out on the technic launcher
faspwin 4 years ago
does not install, says that it is not installed or corrupt. would like to try this out on the technic launcher
faspwin 4 years ago

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