Install HaloCraft 2.0

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (HaloCraft 2.0) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select HaloCraft 2.0 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

HaloCraft 2.0 Version 1.5.5

created by HassanS6000 on Minecraft 1.8.9
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WendyShadowGaming 2 years ago
SpyroGamesNl 4 years ago
Wat do u mean Lane?
GGE_Champion 7 years ago
I cant access the pack :(
[email protected] 7 years ago
Hassan abandoned us
GGE_Champion 7 years ago
the server got shut down apparently
GGE_Champion 7 years ago
[email protected] 7 years ago
GGE_Champion 7 years ago
i cant get on the server and the official website is down
GGE_Champion 7 years ago
i cant access your modpack
finlay green 7 years ago
why is the server down?
Drgonm24 8 years ago
Server should be up, it may have been down for temporary maintenance.
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
Server opened!
HassanS6000 8 years ago
hassan when is the server going to be back up and running again?
GGE_Champion 8 years ago
Server will be opened today or tomorrow! :)
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
hassan it says i am not white-listed for the server. i am already pissed off because i lost all my hard earned items. this was my favorite modpack. i would appreciate it if you had some more admins/mods to help people out more because there is rarely anyone on at ALL, i was on everyday and i couldn't claim anything.
GGE_Champion 8 years ago
You must have not read the MOTD. We are actually switching machines, and updating the server. Can't spill all the details, but the server is going to be a lot better, with LOTS of staff. :)
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
How do I shoot
Infrared_Panda 8 years ago
I can,t play when I press play it installs and it puts but it takes me back to the launch FIX IT PLZ?
mitchplayz 8 years ago
This has been fixed for a while.
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey, i was looking over the mod, which is amazing good job, and i noticed that most of the items texture (in inventory not hand) are a bit crummy, if i make them more "minecrafty" would you use them? (im actually pretty good at imnage manipulation so it would actually be an improvement) Please let me know, cause im already working on editing another mod.
MasonJCaboose 8 years ago
I also noticed that your modpack backround is, funky. more importantly your sounds are just the noise for throwing things in vanilla XD. Love the models though, wont take much to make this a A+ mod
Posted by MasonJCaboose 8 years ago
Sounds are being fixed in v0.5
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
so i have a few thoughts about the mod; the ammo should be able to stack, guns should have a reload on them and each magazine should give the gun some ammo so that the magazine does not run out so quickly. guns should at least have some extra melee damage like in halo so you can at least defend yourself from other monsters. also the grunts are a little two over powered, you should think about having a randomly generated structure to put them in and do the same with elites, can't seem to get any ores to kill them when thy keep spawning in caves. another thing, if you do some of the things, a red vs blue map and game mode would be fun. that is all i can think of right now. good mod though, keep up the good work
mariocrusher 8 years ago
also for got to mention that guns should have there own fire rate, a rapid fire pistol just does not fit.
Posted by mariocrusher 8 years ago
Thanks for the feedback :)
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
Is there any chance I can have admin permisions? But wait until i get all the stuff in the mod or it is unfair. If u say now IDC. Just cuz I wanna help like design spawn and stuff. Also 4 people who r mean and greif/troll.
LuxLight12 8 years ago
Talk to mjb about it
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
But I have seen 1.4 in creative and it I love BTW.
LuxLight12 8 years ago
Thanks :D
Posted by HassanS6000 8 years ago | Modpack Creator

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HaloCraft 2.0 was updated to version 1.5.5