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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Galaxy Odyssey) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Galaxy Odyssey from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Galaxy Odyssey Version

created by AstroTibs on Minecraft 1.7.10


This is a high-impact modpack. Make sure you dedicate at least 5GB of ram in your launcher—preferably more. This means you will need 64-bit Java. Similarly, I recommend you add these launch parameters in your Launcher Options > Java Settings > Java Args

New worlds take quite some time to load in.

The modpack is also difficult. Read the Starter's Guide!

Galaxy Odyssey is the result of years of assembling, customizing, and fine-tuning a modpack in order to create my ideal Minecraft experience.

Galaxy Odyssey emphasizes three core philosophies:

1. Challenge

  • GO is swarming with creatures and dangers: random variations on vanilla mobs, all-new mobs, multiple new bosses, a much tougher Ender Dragon, abandoned wizard towers lined with traps, and labyrinthine subterranean dungeons!
  • In addition to health and hunger, players must stay hydrated, keep an eye on their body temperature, and avoid spending too much time underground from risk of suffocation or creeping insanity!
  • Unsupported structures will collapse and loose or damp ground can cascade in a landslide.

2. Progression

  • Players begin with access only to their hotbars, and must spend experience points to unlock their inventory slots.
  • Vanilla-style tools and weapons cannot be crafted (except for hoes): these must be created via Tinkers' Construct. However, TC tools level up with use, and each level-up unlocks a modifier slot for adding enhancements.
  • The stats and availability of tool metals/materials across multiple mods has been strongly rebalanced, ensuring that every ore has its time to shine!
  • With the proper (rare) resources, players can quadruple their health bar!

3. Exploration

  • GO uses Realistic Terrain Generation alongside mods that expand the number of biomes, mobs, structures, foods, and raw materials in the world.
  • Chest loot has been reworked, as have villager trades—and the villagers now have names!
  • A library of books, including both useful mod references and journals for light reading, can be dropped by mobs, found in dungeons, or sold by the odd librarian.
  • Players can build space stations or travel to multiple planets and moons across multiple star systems!
  • Other dimensions can be explored, such as the EnviroMine sub-caves, an overhauled End dimension, the enchanting Twilight Forest, the dreamworlds of Witchery, and Anu's fortress purgatory!

You can read more about points 1 and 2 in this starter's guide.

In Galaxy Odyssey, you can:

Or you could do all of the above.

It took years of tweaking and experimenting and balancing to get Galaxy Odyssey to where it is today. Each mod fulfills an important role, but some mods required significant adjustment either via their config files, or by use of CraftTweaker/ModTweaker to modify or disable recipes. As such, players experienced with these mods may still be surprised by some changes.

Listed below are some key mods, accompanied by a blurb about the mod's function, notable changes, or known bugs:

  • Optifine: preset options are included in GO pack. Zoom defaults to middle click. I recommend leaving the Chunk Loading video setting as "Default" because the "Fast" and "Multi-Core" options cause severe visual glitches and sometimes crashes.
  • Better FPS can be run as an executable jar file, which then helps you choose which algorithm is best for your computer!
  • FastCraft improves both client FPS and server tick performance
  • CraftTweaker and ModTweaker allow me to add, modify, or remove crafting recipes, machine recipes, loot contents, etc. Most ores are changed to geologic/mineralogic names. Many crops and trees that have different versions in multiple mods are given different names (e.g. Biomes o'Plenty adds Weeping Willows, and Natura adds Babylon Willows).
  • SkinPort allows you to use the additional skin layers allowed by 1.8+. If you make a specific pixel transparent (see the project page), you will have the Alex model.
  • Lumy Skin Patch allows player skins to apply to mod mobs. Twilight Forest Giants and Galacticraft display screens do not render properly as a result of this.
  • Not Enough Items: Mekanism machine blocks in particular have a habit of disappearing from the NEI menu. The only way I know to fix this is to delete your local config/NEI/client.cfg file and re-load the game. Recipes will still display properly even with this bug, but you need to know how to find them.
  • JourneyMap: Waypoints will always be visible on the edge of your minimap, no matter how many you have. It's better that the multiple, faraway waypoints get corralled into the corners of a square minimap rather than being spread across a circular one.
  • Chicken Chunks: Adds chunk loader blocks which are especially useful to keep chunks with Mekanism teleporters always loaded in memory
  • Weather, Storms & Tornadoes: Weather Generator has been removed and the Weather Deflector recipe is substantially most costly, but harsh storms are rarer.
  • EnviroMine: Every modded food provides some hydration, and every modded armor increases body temperature by some amount. Custom values have been included for multiple blocks, items, and dimensions. Using the Cave Elevator adds a copy of the elevator top and bottom to your inventory: this is a bug.
  • The Spice of Life: Food diminishing returns is more gradual for low-nutrition foods (like berries), and foods will restore more/less nutrition when you are more/less hungry
  • InfiniteInvo: You start with zero slots unlocked, and max out at 54 (twice vanilla!)
  • Galaxy Space: The Radiation system and Space Suit were removed for simplicity and balance
  • Twilight Forest: Progression gating should be disabled. You can force-disable it with \gamerule TFEnforcedProgression false
  • Galaxy Odyssey Resources: The custom resourcepack included with GO adds custom paintings for Bibliocraft, changes some ore/mineral names, changes the EnviroMine and InfiniteInvo GUI textures, removes some mod skin textures to avoid glitches, includes high-res versions of night sky decals, corrects some typos and missing textures, and updates many mod textures to versions used post-1.7.10.
  • Biomes o' Plenty: Etheral Wood can be obtained if you use Mutandis to get an Ethereal Sapling, grow the sapling in a Garden Stuff pot, and assemble the quarter logs into a single Ethereal log.
  • Streams: Use of Streams mod changes procedural world generation. If you remove this mod, subsequent generated chunks will not match your world
  • Lost Books: I've added a ton of new books! Works of Robert Chambers, AC Doyle, HP Lovecraft; recipes, original poetry; and some lost internet gems and other miscellany. There's a chance some entries have occasional formatting mistakes, and especially large books might cause issues on a SMP server.
  • Ruins: Sky and ocean structures are disabled, and ruins in general are pretty uncommon.
  • Unique Artifacts: Modifiers deemed imbalanced like airwalk and nourishment are disabled
  • Mekanism and Mekanism Generators: Substantial changes because Mekanism is OP. Ore multiplier machines can only triple/quadruple/quintuple some ores; machine upgrades max out at 4× instead of 10× speed and efficiency and Factories are disabled; steel can no longer be made by infusing coal onto iron; Atomic Disassembler, Free-Runners, Jetpacks, Flamethrowers, and Scuba Gear are disabled. Wind Turbines are disabled so you can't put them on the Moon :P and Mekanism Tools is not included because the Paxel is too strong.
  • COFH Core: Allows me substantial control over ore spawns, esp. in the EnviroMine cave dimension.
  • Big Reactors: Cyanite Reprocessor is disabled because its GUI causes a crash with InfiniteInvo. Plutonium is made using a complex Mekanism setup.
  • Tinkers' Construct: Moss balls are disabled, so the auto-repair modifier cannot be obtained. Cobalt and Ardite are found only at the lowest/highest Y layers of the Nether. Traveler's Wings and Vest are disabled.
  • Iguana Tinker Tweaks: Fundamentally, tool progression is predicated on this mod. All material stats have been rebalanced for fairness. Only Tinkers-style tools and weapons can be crafted. Additionally, non-metal ingredients can only make certain tool/weapon parts (e.g. Stone can't be made into bindings and Wood can't be made into a frying pan head). Metals can be cast into any tool part. Crafted equipment begins with zero modifier slots. Tools can be leveled up six times, each time adding a modifier slot. You can also force-unlock three additional modifier slots using materials (e.g. Nether Star).
  • Metallurgy: Rarity and strength of materials in tools has been substantially modified, but relative strengths are very similar to default. Armor stats have not changed. Adamantine and Atlarus are only found in the highest/lowest Y layers of EnviroMine's Cave dimension.
  • Extra TiC: RedAurum alloy can be poured into molds (however, you can only cast ingots and must manually craft them alongside molds to make parts). RedAurum should not be used as the head of a material because you can't repair with it.
  • BiblioCraft: A handful of new paintings can be obtained using the Painting Press
  • Carpenter's Blocks: Carpenter's Torches are disabled because they don't snuff out on the Moon. Lantern-style torches can still be crafted via Railcraft using slabs. When placing speed-increasing blocks next to slopes, use default Carpenters frames between them so you're not stopped from walking onto the slope.
  • Chisel: Torch variations are disabled because that's silly
  • Dynamic Surroundings: Many sounds have been quieted or culled, including stomach rumbling when hungry. JSON files have been included to properly handle ambience on dimensions with different ground levels.
  • Mariculture: The Speed Boat requires some Mekanism and Galacticraft tech advancement.
  • Smart Moving: The default button for Grab is Left Alt.
  • Fossils and Archaeology: When opening your inventory, your empty hand will vanish in first person, due to an incompatibility between SmartRender and LLibrary. This can be fixed by cycling F1 or F5. The Ancient Helmet does not render properly due to incompatibilities with Smart Moving's rendering modules.
  • Mr. Crayfish Furniture: Multiple custom entries have been added to MineBay and the Blender. Most modded foods can be cooked in the Oven or Microwave. The Dishwasher and Washing Machine are OP, so to account for this, crafting the soap required for soapy water requires significant Mekanism tech advancement, and utilizes the otherwise unused Sodium gas.
  • OpenBlocks: Blocks that move mobs or blocks, like the Fan, Elevator, and Scaffolding, are generally disabled.
  • Lycanite's Mobs: Mob Events are turned off. Griefing mobs like Ettin are disabled. "Annoyance" mobs won't spawn when you sleep, break blocks, or use portals. Vespa is disabled because it picks fights with creepers, causing non-stop craters to form in jungles. Feather, Bone, Leather, and Lapis drops have been significantly reduced.
  • Mo' Creatures: Removed griefing creatures similar to Lycanite's. Apparently this mod is supposed to require CustomMobSpawner, but it works fine without.
  • Davinci's Vessels: Balloon blocks are very costly, in order to gate unlimited flight.
  • Growthcraft: Brewing apparatuses generally produce Compost, not Bone Meal, as a byproduct. Fish Traps are disabled because the loot tables are bugged and exploitable. Iron and Gold shovels are craftable specifically so you can use them to make rice paddies.
  • Natura: Cloud-like blocks are disabled
  • Garden Stuff: You should be able to craft posts from most woods. You can use the Mekanism infuser to infuse carbon onto iron to get wrought iron.
  • Thermal Foundation: Included for the Lead, Nickel, and Platinum ores.
  • Gany's Nether: Most Nether crops are disabled. Magmatic Centrifuge is disabled to avoid a launch bug.
  • Gany's End: Many machines are disabled.
  • Not Enough Pets: There may be a bug involving ocelots being unable to despawn, thus amassing huge jungle populations
  • Eggy Goodness: Fabergé eggs are used to craft the unused Green Heart Container from Tinkers' Construct
  • Village Names: I hope you like my flagship mod, and I hope you like expanded villages, modular villager skins, and Ocean Monuments and Guardians!
  • Statues: Due to the UUID switchover, the legacy skin servers are no longer available, and the server protocol was interrupted by EnviroMine's and InfiniteInvo's defunct update checkers. Thankfully, Lumy Skin Patch seems to re-allow skins... for now.
  • ICBM Classic: Many recipes are disabled or are prohibitively expensive. Red Matter is extremely costly to craft. Requires a lot of shipping and receiving.
  • Potion Core: About half of these potions are available to craft using various materials. Check NEI for details.
  • Chat Flow: Use F12 to add regex-based chat filtering. Included is a filter to block InfiniteInvo's update checker message upon signing in.

Since Sept 2017, I have been publishing an ongoing Galaxy Odyssey survival series on my YouTube channel, for which this modpack is the backbone. The pack has gradually evolved since that time, but you can get a sense of what the pack has to offer by watching any random episode.

I also have a Discord server where you can talk about the modpack, or any of my various mods, or just hang out.

Special thanks to KibaTheBarbarian for helping me create and test this modpack for its public release.


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