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CraftMine Version v4.2-b060

created by Paint_Ninja on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder


Version v4.1-b049


What's new in CMv4.1 Beta 1 compared to v4 b042? A lot, but the main highlights so far are:
- A lot of new HD textures to make much more things look nicer when playing, and to reduce the amount of glaring 16x textures in a HD world.
- Updated lots of mods and modified some for exclusive content, improves performance and fixes a lot of bugs (especially some rare crashes and issues with project red wiring and lighting - hence why the MadnessFM stage at spawn hasn't got any animated lighting until now)
- New recording feature: Press R to tell people you're recording, and P to toggle pausing or resuming recording. Hold P to ask others to pause recording. This feature helps reduce the amount of time spent editing recorded videos with multiple players thanks to the overlay, and the amount of time having to cut out parts where people ask if you're recording, as well as making it look cool for others to know you're recording and to allowing others to ask you to stop or pause recording for a moment without needing you to cut it out
- A whole new CraftForge base, allowing for a much more stable and reliable experience and compatibility with newer mods built for the newer recommended Forge 1.7.10 build.
- Upgraded Optifine with many new backend improvements
- Support for MassiveCore and Factions on CMv4.1 servers with a special jar on request
- Even more! See for builds b0043 up until b0049.

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Version v4-b042


CraftMine v4 Stable - Build 0042 changelog (08/01/2016-17/02/2016)
# First build of 2016!
+ Added Emotes by Vazkii
* Fixed a bug causing the anvil GUI to not open (see #38)
X Tried adding FTB Utilities but failed (see #37 for details)
+ [CM Belle] Made 64x textures for ExtraBiomesXL's redrock bricks and redrock cobble
* Updated the built-in CM Belle resourcepack from v0.65 to v0.66

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Version v4-b041


CraftMine v4 Stable - Build 0041 changelog (25/12/2015)
* This build aims to rebalance the game to make the gameplay fairer, following complaints with certain aspects of the game being too difficult.
* You no longer need to level up your vanilla pickaxes to be able to use them to their full potential (before, you needed to level up a stone pickaxe at least once before it could break iron ore)
* However, it now takes 10% more XP to level up your pickaxes
* Slowed down hunger point depletion by 33.333%
* Non-Pam's HC stuff now fills you up more than before
- Disabled health regen speed difficulty scaling (your health regens the same speed in easy difficulty as in hard now)
* Increased hostile mob's reach for torches by half a block
* Reduced chance of special mobs by 5%
* Fixed a bug causing health regen to not work at all on CraftServ servers
+ Enabled LaunchGUI with a message for new players, also includes a brief "what's new in b041" message.
* This build of CM should theoretically be compatible with CMv4 b040 worlds and servers, but we still recommend you backup anything important just in case!

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Version v4-b040


The future is here, the future is now. CraftMine v4 is the best major version we've ever made - and we're excited to finally release it to you! :D

The changelog titles are sorted in ascending order, meaning newer versions being closer to the start/top of the file.
The changelog items are sorted in descending order, meaning the newer the change within the version, the lower down in the list.

CraftMine v4 Stable - Build 0040 changelog (12/12/2015-17/12/2015)
* Updated ExtraUtilities from v1.2.11 to v1.2.12, improves compatibility with any additional mods you might manually add to CM yourself
* Updated Bibliocraft from v1.11.2 to v1.11.4
* Updated BetterFoliage from v1.0.13 to v1.0.15, fixes some minor bugs and adds a full mod toggle switch
* Marked BetterLoadingScreen (CraftLoader v2's backend) as tested and stable according to our naming convention
* Updated Chisel: A New Hope from v2.9.3.9 to v2.9.4.10, fixes some bugs including chiseled flammable materials not being flammable and being unable to chisel endstone
* Updated the Enhanced Visuals port from v0.2.1 to v0.2.2, fixes a crashing bug and excessive blood splats
- Removed WorldEditWrapper litemod to prevent easy cheating in singleplayer (the mod seemed to be unaware of the player's current gamemode, allowing for worldedit to be used in survival for infinite resources using just a wooden axe)
* Disabled "Nether Block Effect" in SurvivalTweaks, fixes #33
- Removed WorldEditCUI litemod as it was unfortunately very glitchy with shaders :(
X Tried to remove the blurring special effect due to a bug that causes the blur to not fully go away after the effect is finished but failed
- Disabled the EnhancedVisuals mod until the annoying blur bug is fixed :(
X Tried updating Et Futurum from v1.4.4 to v1.5.2, includes many new features, changes and bugfixes but failed due to it requiring a dev build of Forge
+ Added AppleCore by squeek502
+ Added HungerOverhaul by squeek502, partially addresses #32
- Removed some redundant files resulting in a slightly reduced the file size of the dev instance
* Configured HungerOverhaul to make the game more balanced without being fustratingly hard or different
+ Added Profiles mod by Lunatrius
* Configured the Profiles mod with three profiles with different settings for each edition of CraftMine (the fast profile on the Light edition of CM is faster than the fast profile on the Standard edition, for example)
#* Split the bundled files in Solder to allow for faster updates and less bandwidth utilisation

CraftMine v4 Release Candidate - Build 0039 changelog (25/11/2015-05/12/2015)
+ Added (Mine)CraftLoader by CreativeMD
* Disabled the Forge loading screen to prevent it conflicting with CraftLoader
## (NOTE TO SELF: CraftLoader seems to cause serious issues with other mods by causing other mods to perform game activity on load, which could be a big problem.
We should consider removing CraftLoader and using the built-in Forge alternative as soon as possible)
X Undone all previous changes from this build as it caused serious issues. Starting again with a clean b0039 build (based on b0038) from this changelog line onwards
* Disabled Forge loading screen in preperation for a new loading screen mod
+ Added BetterLoadingScreen by AlexIIL
#+ Made CraftLoader v2 powered by BetterLoadingScreen, allowing for a brand new, streamlined loading screen :)
* Updated the taskbar and window icon from the old v3 logo icon to our new v4 logo icon
* Changed the monster invasion mechanic so that it happens every 10 nights instead of every 2 nights, and spawns 5 mobs per tick rather than 3 during an invasion
* Updated Buildcraft Core, Energy, Factory, Silicon and Transport from v7.1.11 to v7.1.14
* Updated CustomMainMenu (CraftMenu's backend) from v1.8 to v1.9.2
- Stopped SecurityCraft from showing tips when joining a world, helps reduce the amount of stuff showing in chat when joining a world
+ Made the official CraftMine server show up in the multiplayer server list without overwriting your existing servers.dat
+ Added Iguana Tweaks originally by iguana_man, now maintained by Parker8283
* Configured Iguana Tweaks to make the game slightly difficult in some aspects rather than potentially fustrating. The configuration options chosen are with PvE and PvP in
mind, making it very slightly easier for noobs to escape diamond armoured op guys and impossible to fully cheat health by killing yourself and respawning in order to get
max health again. Nothing like encumberment or anti-sleep is turned on in CMv4 - unlike the defaults of the mod.
+ Blocks such as dirt, grass, sand and gravel now have double the hardness of Vanilla - now giving a better reason for wanting to get a spade and upgrading it overtime.

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0038 changelog (21/11/2015-22/11/2015)
+ Added Enhanced Visuals from CMv2, ported to MC1.7.10 :)
X Tried adding MalisisDoors by Ordinastie but failed due to crashes on door rendering
- Disabled Tinker's Construct's "Passive health regen", which made you heal far too quickly - even when the hunger bar wasn't full!
* Disabled Liteloader's classpath litemod searching for slightly faster loading times (roughly 2-4 seconds faster)
+ Enabled the enhanced glow effect in the Enhanced Visuals port for better overlay effects (mostly just for better effects when you're near death or have something blow up in your face, etc...)

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0037 changelog (11/11/2015-14/11/2015)
+ Added Trapcraft by ProPercivalalb
+ Added SecurityCraft by Geforce
+ Added LookingGlass API/library mod by XCompWiz, adds support for security cameras from the SecurityCraft mod
* Updated the first run notice message to reflect beta information rather than alpha information

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0036 changelog (09/11/2015-10/11/2015)
* Marked IguanaTinkerTweaks as tested, configured and stable blah blah blah
+ Added Paintball mod by lKinx
- [CM Belle] Removed some redundant pdn files within the texture pack to reduce the filesize a bit (the pdn files were for editing, we need them when editing the textures, but not when distributing them textures)
* [Rapido+] Losslessly optimised all of the textures currently in CM Belle for a slight filesize deduction and a performance improvement (only minor - but it adds up!)
* [CM Belle] Updated the built-in resource pack from v0.64 to v0.65, which includes minor performance and filesize improvements

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0035 changelog (07/11/2015)
+ Added Growthcraft Community Edition by Gwafu, IceDragon200, alatyami and Sunconure11
* Modified Growthcraft Community Edition so that only Core, Cellar, Grapes and Hops modules remain, to minimise confusion with similar Pam's Harvestcraft mod features
+ [CM Belle] Made 64x CrayTokensLite textures (by Paint_Ninja)
+ [CM Belle] Partially made 64x OpenBlocks textures (by Pikachu298, mostly just some item textures missing)
* [CM Belle] Updated the built-in resource pack from v0.63 to v0.64, which includes the new CrayTokensLite and OpenBlocks textures

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0034 changelog (06/11/2015)
+ Added Tinker's Construct and its required library called "Mantle" by boni
* Updated the disclaimer text on the menu to reflect that we're now in beta and minor bugs are to be expected
* Changed disclaimer text from red to yellow
* Configured Tinker's Construct to make it more balanced
+ Added IguanaTinkerTweaks by boni
* Configured IguanaTinkerTweaks to rebalance the rebalancing mod (wow... XD) and to rebalance Tinker's Construct some more

CraftMine v4 Beta 1 - Build 0033 changelog (03/11/2015)
+ Added DecoCraft2 by RazzleberryFox again
* Raised the recommended RAM allocation for CM from 2GB to 3GB, fixes Decocraft2 lag spikes from last addition attempt
+ [Rapido+] Finally made our transition effect on chunks work with Smooth chunk loading mode in Optifine, although not Multi-core just yet! (#25)
+ [Rapido+] Switched default Optifine chunk loading mode from "Default" to "Smooth" for less chunk loading and rendering lag spikes
+ Added CrayTokensLite by Paint_Ninja

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0032 changelog (29/10/2015-01/11/2015)
+* Revised menu design and new layout, allowing for most of the elements to fit on the main menu at 854x480 width and height (MC's default non-maximised size) and a more streamlined UI
+ New mod list menu with an explanation as to why mods aren't the only thing that makes CM work the way it does
* Marked It's the little things mod as tested and stable, in compliance with our naming convention
+ Added Et Futurum by ganymedes01 (adds #27)
* Disabled retrogen in MrTJPCore to prevent retrogen from occuring for ProjectRed in already generated chunks with the mod's stuff. It appears that the mod's buggy causing the retrogen to occur every single time the internal server is started, eventually causing everything to just be the mod's stuff.
+ Added Safe mod originally by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, now maintained by kamilx3, as the lag spikes from this mod in the past have now been fixed!
+ Added Model Citizens by FyberOptic
* Turned up atmospheric MAtmos volume by 7%
+ Added the official DamageIndicators mod by rich1051414
* Disabled update notifications for the DamageIndicators mod to prevent an error from posting in the chat due to rich1051414's update server being offline
+ Added ColourCodeGUI by Nukeduck (#17)
+ Added our port of BetterSigns for 1.7.10 - called "CraftSigns"
* Resized DamageIndicator size from the 76% default to 75%

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0031 EA2 changelog (25/10/2015)
+ Added It's the little things mod by zlepper and configured it for additional "polish" :)
#+ Brand new branding by "Jakob Hartley - Bate" aka Mr_Effex and Paint_Ninja with a new vision for the pack and concepts based on this design
+ Brand new menu design, based on the new branding concepts!
* Reduced filesize by about 8-9MB by removing redundant, unused menu backgrounds
* This is the second early access build, with quite a lot of gameplay additions and improvements over the last EA build!
#* Reduced filesize even more by about 33MB by purging the BetterRecords cache from when I tested it with tonnes of long, high-quality music tracks

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0030 changelog (24/10/2015)
+ Added UtilityMobs by FatherToast
+ Added NoShelter by TheDespite, finishes implementing #26
* Configured NoShelter so that invasions happen every 10 nights instead of every 2 and so that mobs cannot grief. (Needs testing)
* Configured NoShelter so that the number of enemies that spawn at once during an invasion is less than the default so it's not too laggy
+ Added SurvivalTweaks (#28)
* Configured SurvivalTweaks so the nether no longer punishs you too harshly just for breaking any block there

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0029 changelog (23/10/2015-24/10/2015)
+ Added SpecialAI by FatherToast (partially implements #26)
* Configured SpecialAI so that mob greifing doesn't happen but torch snapping still can
* Configured SpecialAI so that zombies can have special abilities, too!
* Decided to turn off mob greifing-related behaviour entirely until better planned out
* Made mobs harder by making special abilities more common and some other config tweaks in SpecialAI
X Tried adding DamageIndicators by rich1051414 but failed due to the official downloads being taken down or made private by the author. We'll be looking into other ways of getting the official mod in the meantime.
+ Added Pam's Harvestcraft by Pamela Collins
* Marked SpecialAI as tested and stable, in compliance with the naming convention
* Updated YAMPST tracker to show the correct build on the stats
X Tried TabbyChat mod by RocketMan10404 but removed it for now due to it not being as simple as I initially hoped. :(
+ Added Chisel: A new hope mod originally by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, now maintained by tterrag1098, Drullkus and Minecreatr
* Enabled Chisel's alternative recipe

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0028 EA changelog (20/10/2015)
+ This is our first CraftMine Early Access build - hence the "EA" mark. Early access means that this build will be accessible by invited early access users, making this the first semi-public CMv4 build! :)
+ [CM Belle] Made Vending mod textures (by Pikachu298)
+ [CM Belle] Replaced Paint_Ninja's average SimpleOres textures with Pikachu298's amazing ones
* Updated the built-in CM Belle resourcepack from v0.62 to v0.63
* Rebranded our custom soundpack from internal dev name to "Belle Atmosfera"
+ Added LaunchGUI by TehNut
* Configured LaunchGUI to give a notice to early access users about known issues and what to expect

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0027 changelog (17/10/2015)
* Updated all the Buildcraft mods from v7.1.8 to v7.1.11
* Sped up chunk transition duration from 0.5s to 0.333s

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0026 changelog (15/10/2015-17/10/2015)
+ Added MrTJPCore, ProjectRed Base and Forge Multipart
* Made ProjectRed wires 2D to improve performance
+ Added ProjectRed Integration and ProjectRed Lighting
+ Added ProjectRed Mechanical and ProjectRed World
* Marked MrTJPCore and all the ProjectRed stuff as tested & stable, in compliance with the naming convention
+ Made chunk transitions, adds #25 - note: currently incompatible with multicore and smooth chunk loading modes
* Improved the positioning of the build number on the bottom right of the main menu so it is no longer offsetted

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0025 changelog (08/10/2015-11/10/2015)
+ [CM Belle] Made SimpleOres2 block textures
* Updated the built-in CM Belle resourcepack from v0.6 to v0.61
+ Added the Ships mod by Cuchaz (needs more testing - can't figure out how to move the boats yet!)
* Updated BetterRecords mod from v1.1.9 to v1.2.0
+ [CM Belle] Made some EBXL block textures (mostly just the woodplanks, redrock and a couple of logs)
* Updated the built-in CM Belle resourcepack from v0.61 to v0.62

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0024 changelog (04/10/2015)
* Updated Buildcraft core, energy, factory, silicon and transport from v7.0.23 to v7.1.8
* Marked Animals Plus as tested and configured, in compliance with the naming convention
+ Added MalisisCore by Ordinastie
+ Added MalisisAdvert by Ordinastie
+ Added WorldEditWrapper and WorldEditCUI by Mumfrey

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0023 changelog (04/10/2015)
+ Added MinecraftIO by dmf444

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0022 changelog (03/10/2015)
+ Added Wallpaper mod by pau101, implements #16 - special thanks to Pikachu298 for considering and testing this mod

CraftMine v4 Alpha 3 - Build 0021 changelog (29/09/2015-03/10/2015)
+ Added Animals Plus mod by Click_Me, adds #22
* Changed default footstep volume from 70% to 65%
+ Got Primitive Mobs mod by Daveyx0, adds #24

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0020 changelog (28/09/2015)
+ Added Underground Biomes Constructs by Zeno410, implements #21
* Marked New Dungeons mod as tested and configured, in compliance with the naming convention
* Configured Underground Biomes Constructs so that vanilla stone still exists

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0019 changelog (27/09/2015)
+ Added New Dungeons originally by Slidedrum, now maintained by GoToLink, addresses #12 (although it needs more testing)
* Changed the square minimap style for voxelMap to better fit CraftMine's theme
* Changed default minimap style for voxelMap from circle to square
+ [CM Belle] Made Trapcraft textures
* Updated the built-in CM Belle resourcepack from v0.5 to v0.6

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0018 changelog (27/09/2015)
+ Added Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk
* [Habitat] Made Roguelike Dungeons less overpowered by turning off "generous mode"

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0017 changelog (26/09/2015)
+ Added Highlands mod by fabricator77 v2.2.3, implements #5
* Marked b0016 as a "golden build" (this means that build 0016 was almost perfect for what its goals were)
- [Habitat] Disabled ice plains biome
* [Habitat] Made Highlands ocean islands slightly more common (1 in 12 chance instead of 1 in 14)
* Marked CustomMainMenu and Highlands mods as tested and configured

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0016 changelog (22/09/2015)
* Updated Bibliocraft from v1.10.6 to v1.11.2
* Re-enabled Bibliocraft renderers in the config, fixes bug #4
+ Added CustomMainMenu mod by Lumien (again)
+ EVENTUALLY made a custom menu system for CraftMine v4. Still needs work but looks good for now... :)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0015 changelog (19/09/2015-22/09/2015)
* Reverted changes to ExtraUtilities from b0014, fixes bug #1
X Tried adding Biomes O' Plenty but after a lot of testing, found that it was too laggy to add. (constant lag spikes on root. and root.tick when generating and loading the world)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0014 changelog (19/08/2015)
* Now mainly focusing on the adventure aspects from this build onwards until considered mostly done
+ Added ExtraBiomesXL by Zenth_
* Increased RAM allocation from 2GB to 2.5GB to attempt to reduce lag spikes possibly caused by EBXL
+ Our new exclusive CraftMine worldgen will be called "Habitat"
- [Habitat] Disabled (ice)wasteland and marsh biomes
- [Habitat] Disabled temperate rainforest, tundra and meadow biomes
* Configured SimpleOres2 so that it no longer notifies about updates for newer MC versions like 1.8 and to reduce the amount of creative tabs it makes
* Configured SimpleCoreAPI, Netherrocks and Fusion so that they don't notify about updates (but I will make sure I keep the mods up-to-date, don't worry!)
- Disabled "trash cans" from ExtraUtilities (to encourage people to use the better bins from Crayfish's Furniture mod)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0013 changelog (12/09/2015-13/09/2015)
* Worked extra hard on improving permissions recognition to prepare CraftMine for submittion to the ATLauncher (took me hours!)
+ Added BetterRecords by Stumblinbear
+ Added Presence Footsteps by Huricaaane and Sollace
* [Rapido+] Configured Presence Footsteps so that it works properly and doesn't show the broken update notification (I've added the latest version but the
notification used to tell me that the mod needs "updating" to an older version)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0012 changelog (09/09/2015-12/09/2015)
* Replaced placeholder CM Default 64x resource pack with "CraftMine Belle" - CraftMine's new look
* [CM Belle] Updated pack.mcmeta for fancy italic formatting
+ [CM Belle] Added pack icon
+ [CM Belle] Made cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, dirt and grass textures
+ [CM Belle] Made oak and birch log textures
* [CM Belle] Remade cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, dirt and grass textures because the old ones weren't detailed enough... :/
+ [CM Belle] Made anvil, beacon, bed, bedrock, clay, stone, snow and sand textures
+ [CM Belle] Made wool textures (all colours)
+ [CM Belle] Made sandstone, chiseled sandstone, stonebricks, mossy stonebricks, cracked stonebricks and chiseled stonebricks textures
+ [CM Belle] Made netherbricks, netherrack, soulsand, quatz ore and portal textures
+ [CM Belle] Made jungle log, spruce log, mycelium, leaves, glowstone, gravel, ice, ores and vine textures
+ [CM Belle] Made bricks, cactus, cocoa, crafting table, woodplanks, tnt, trapdoor, bookshelf, endstone, endframe, obsidian and furnace textures
+ [CM Belle] Made diamond block, gold block, lapis block, emerald block, iron block, ladder, iron bars, stone slab and options menu bg textures
* Tried some new shaderpacks to potentially add to CM. They seem pretty impressive and exactly what I want, so I'll likely add them in at a future date. :)
+ [CM Belle] Made unknown pack icon, map background, sign, steve and command block textures
- [CM Belle] Removed some redundant textures to lower the filesize a bit
+ [CM Belle] Made the loading screen background texture (1 of 2)

+ Added ResourceLoader by Lumien (again)
+ Added CraftLoader by Paint_Ninja
* Spent ages setting up CraftLoader so it ideally suits the new CraftMine... but it was worth it. :)

+ [CM Belle] Added CraftMine logo texture for the default title screen
+* [Rapido+] Completely retweaked all of the sound settings. Before the volume seemed to be flipped, making the distant sounds too loud and the close sounds
too quiet - this has now been resolved.

* Updated Buildcraft core from v7.0.22 to 7.0.23
* Updated Buildcraft transport from v7.0.22 to 7.0.23
* Updated Buildcraft energy from v7.0.22 to 7.0.23
* Updated Buildcraft silicon and factory from v7.0.22 to 7.0.23
* Marked ResourceLoader as tested and stable

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0011 changelog (05/09/2015-06/09/2015)
+ Added SimpleOres official "Fusion" plugin
X Tried adding CraftGuide litemod by Uristqwerty but failed
+ Added CraftGuide forgemod by Uristqwerty
- Undone all Rapido+ optimisations for Ninja's Cash, BetterFoliage and Optifine. It turns out the optimisations weren't lossless for the textures and caused ugly visual glitches. >.< However, BetterFPS will keep its
optimisations because it does not contain any textures and is therefore truely lossless.

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0010 changelog (05/09/2015)
+ Added Buildcraft core v7.0.22
+ Added Buildcraft transport v7.0.22
+ Added Buildcraft energy v7.0.22
+ Added Buildcraft silicon and factory v7.0.22
* [Rapido+] Losslessly optimised Ninja's Cash mod for faster startup time (23% less overhead)
* [Rapido+] Losslessly optimised BetterFPS mod for faster startup time (8% less overhead)
* [Rapido+] Losslessly optimised BetterFoliage mod and its textures for slightly better performance and faster startup time
* [Rapido+] Losslessly optimised Optifine mod for faster startup time (7% less overhead)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0009 changelog (31/08/2015-05/09/2015)
# Based on b0007
+ Added Bibliocraft
* Tried setting BetterFPS back to Vanilla Algorithm to solve incompatibilities (didn't seem to work)
- Removed BetterFPS and Fastcraft entirely to try to see if that helps stop the lag spikes due to incompatibilities (didn't seem to work either)
* Doubled RAM and PermGen allocation to try to solve lag spikes (WORKED! :D)
* Changed minimum requirements to reflect the lag spikes solution
+ Added in Fastcraft and BetterFPS again
* Set BetterFPS' algorithm back to "Riven's Algorithm" for improved performance
+ Added YAMPST anonymous tracker in again
* Updated YAMPST so that it shows the actual build version this time rather than just "v4-Alpha2" so that bug reports collected are more useful

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0008 changelog (31/08/2015)
+ Added Buildcraft core
* [Rapido+] Optimised Buildcraft's core networking to help prevent lag spikes on internal server (upload interval set to every 250ms instead of every 500ms).
* Set voxelMap default size from "Regular" to "Small" (slight performance improvement)
+ Added Buildcraft transport
* Buildcraft transport seems to be causing lag spikes too now... After further investigation I found that the BetterFPS mod was causing these lag spikes with Buildcraft.
Setting the BetterFPS mod to use the Vanilla algorithm lowered the fps but seemed to have stopped the lag spikes, indicating an incompatibility with the Buildcraft & BetterFPS mods.
* Buildcraft has too many lag spikes that I can't seem to be able to resolve. Making a new build based on b0007 to remove Buildcraft stuff. :(

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0007 changelog (31/08/2015)
+ Added SimpleCore and SimpleOres2 by AleXndrTheGr8st
+ Added SimpleOres2 official Netherrocks plugin
* Found out that the SimpleOres2 official Fusion plugin was causing frequent major lag spikes just like Bibliocraft, too. The fusion plugin will not be included
in the pack until this plugin's major bug is resolved.

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0006 changelog (30/08/2015-31/08/2015)
# Based on b0003
+ Added Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
* Found out that Bibliocraft was causing the frequent major lag spikes. Bibliocraft will not be included in the pack until this mod's major bug is resolved.
+ Added VoxelMap by MamiyaOtaru
* [Rapido+] Configured VoxelMap for better gameplay mechanics and slightly better performance
+ Added InvTweaks by Kobata

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0005 changelog (30/08/2015)
+ Added SimpleCore and SimpleOres2 by AleXndrTheGr8st
+ Added SimpleOres2 official Fusion and Netherrocks plugins
- Temporarily removed the fusion & netherrocks plugins, simplecore, simpleores2, buildcraft and safe mods until I sort out a major constant lag spike issue
* Working hard on identifying what's causing the major lag spikes that happen constantly
! Unable to identify the cause of the major lag spikes. I'm forced to make a new build based on b0004 or even b0003! D:

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0004 changelog (30/08/2015)
+ Added Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
+ Added Bibliocraft by Nuchaz
+ Added InvTweaks by Kobata
+ Added VoxelMap by MamiyaOtaru
* [Rapido+] Configured VoxelMap for better gameplay mechanics and slightly better performance
+ Added Safe mod by kamilx3 (note to self: seems to cause lag spikes sometimes when near safe blocks)
+ Added YAMPST tracker. This annonymously sends crash reports to me in a secure manner so that I am aware of any major bugs and can fix them without
you needing to report them to me. You may optionally opt-out of the anonymous statistics and crash report sending at
+ Added Buildcraft Core, Energy, Factory, Silicon and Transport

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0003 changelog (26/08/2015-29/08/2015)
+ Added Aquaculture by RebelKeithy
* Marked the shaders mod as tested
+ Added Ninja's Cash by Paint_Ninja (me!)
+ Added MrCrayfish's Furniture mod by MrCrayfish
+ Added IronChest 2 by cpw
+ Added CustomMainMenu mod by Lumien
* Designing the menu system gradually.............
+ Added ResourceLoader by Lumien
- Removed CustomMainMenu and ResourceLoader until I get a decent menu design sorted out
+ Added Vending block mod by kamilx3
+ Added OpenModsLib and OpenBlocks
+ Added iChunUtil and Hats mod by iChun
* [Rapido+] Configured iChunUtil and Hats mod for better performance and improved hat variety (especially when nearby lots of mobs and/or players)
+ Added ExtraUtils by RWTema
* Configured OpenMods for better gameplay mechanics
* Configured CrayFurniture to not show the welcome message on join (can get annoying on some servers and after first time join)
+ Added Jabba by ProfMobius

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0002 changelog (23/08/2015-26/08/2015)
+ [Rapido+] Added ShadersModCore
* Tried out a lot (and I mean A LOT) of shaders and couldn't seem to find any suitable enough for what I wanted. Working on my own...
+ [Rapido+] Added my own shaderpack called "Ninja's Light Shaders v2 Alpha 4" (based on "Chocapic13 Beta v5.12 Lite fixed")

CraftMine v4 Alpha 2 - Build 0001 changelog (22/08/2015-23/08/2015)
# CraftMine v4 is a complete re-write of CM v3.**, built from the ground up on Minecraft 1.7.10
+ Added Minecraft Forge
# [Rapido+] Rapido is now called "Rapido+" and now also improves your audio experience. Further efforts to improve audio and visuals will be made in Rapido+, rather
than just focusing on improving performance like normal Rapido used to.
+* [Rapido+] Adjusted default sound levels in the game to make the game more atmospheric
+* [Rapido+] Adjusted the default video settings for significantly better performance without any major loss in visual quality
+* [Rapido+] Added Optifine Ultra C1 and applied magical configurations to it for significantly better visual quality and performance
+ [Rapido+] Added FastCraft for improved performance
+* [Rapido+] Added BetterFPS and configured it for optimal performance
+* [Rapido+] Added Better Foliage and configured it for improved performance and appearance
+ Added LiteLoader b04 for 1.7.10
+* [Rapido+] Added MAtmos and configured it for the best audio
+ [Rapido+] Added an experimental Project Andorra soundpack for MAtmos so that MAtmos actually works and to make our new sound engine shine! :)
+ [Rapido+] Added an experimental Project Andorra resource/texturepack for enhanced texture appearance (64x resolution)

CraftMine v4 Alpha 1 (ABANDONED) - Build 0001 changelog (25/02/2015)
+* Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10
+*- Updated all mods to their latest stable for Minecraft 1.7.10

+ New hats! You can now access iChun's contributor hats in CraftMine, as well as new hats found in his
latest update
+ Player's heads now get chopped off and dropped on the floor when killed
+ Brand new CraftMine-exclusive world generator defaults. Just like in v2.** and v3.**, there were special world generation configs setup by default. This made worlds beautiful, lag-less and more useful. CraftMine v4 expands on this even more to make the best possible world by default.
+ Added BetterRain and BetterFoliage mods
+ Added iChunUtil and Mantle mods
+ Added SpecialMobs and FastCraft mods
+ Added CrayTokens Lite and Ninja's Cash v2 (CraftMine edition - with exclusive features!)
+ Added LiteLoader and LinkInfo
+ Added Protocol4 and BrewingAPI
+ Added Chisel2
+ Added ChiselFacades and MrTJPCore
+ Added BugfixMod and WearMC
+ Added Waila and Alarmcraft
+ Added StartingInventory and IguanasTinkerTweaks
+ Added AsieLib and HatStand
TODO: + Added Rapido+ (CraftMine exclusive!)

* Replaced BetterGrassAndLeaves mod with BetterFoliage

* [Rapido+] Enabled chunk cache in Forge 1.7.10 with max chunks stored in RAM being 16

- Removed hats message on first join
- Removed update notifications for iChun's mods, but it'll still notify the console if an update has been found and I'll update it as soon as a new version is avaliable.
- Removed update notifications for Trapcraft, but I'll still update it as soon as a new version is avaliable.
- Removed welcome message for MrCrayFish's Furniture mod
- Removed welcome books for OpenBlocks and Tinker's Construct on first join
- Disabled Cursed Earth from ExtraUtilities. It is too overpowered as it easily allows for super mob grinders
- Finally removed all the useless and annoying update notifications from ProjectRed about a new version of the mod for a different Minecraft version
- Removed Chisel in favour of Chisel2
- Removed ProjectRed mechanical and compat

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Version 3.89


@CraftForge + Implemented Java version and memory allocation enforcement, which should fix virtually all crash-on-launch issues some people have
* UNTESTED Bugfix: Mipmapping broken
* Bugfix: Chunk loading, antristropic filtering and antialiasing missing due to incorrect Optifine implementation in v3.88
* Bugfix: Additional optimisations found in Optifine Ultra missing due to incorrect Optifine implementation
* Potential bugfix: Falling out of the world glitch when internal server is still starting.
@Rapido #+ Switched Optifine edition/implentation from Standard to Ultra
@Rapido + Losslessly optimised the bundled ctm textures in Optifine's MCPacther implementation (~1% smaller filesize when optimised)
@Rapido - Removed un-necessary coremod patches for Optifine
@Rapido +* Further lossless optimisations applied to bundled SimpleOres textures in CM Default 32x
- Removed a few redundent config files
* Updated CM Default 32x's resource pack icon (slightly smoother at the bottom of the icon)
+ New ore textures for SimpleOres in CM Default 32x (background of the ores now matches the stone texture of the resource pack)
+ Added partial support for SecurityCraft textures in CM Default 32x (some textures from the SecurityCraft mod are now in 32x instead of 16x)
- Removed NEI performance optimisations designed to reduce lag when NEI is installed
* Bugfix: The descend key for Archemede's Ships is now "V", so it will no longer conflict with other keybinds by default.

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Version 3.881


Pushed the update again for those who didn't receive it.

See the changelog for this update here:

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Version 3.88


# Complete rewrite of most core components used in CraftMine, including CraftForge, Rapido and CraftServ.
+ New font by me that sticks to the familiar Minecraft pixely font style.
* CraftMine_Forge is now called CraftForge.
@CraftForge + Backported some optimisations from Forge (for Minecraft 1.8) to 1.6.4
@CraftForge + Added native Java 8 u20+ support (via Forge - thanks cpw!), merged into CraftForge
@Rapido * Updated Optifine to D1
@Rapido * Remade all Rapido patches for Optifine and made them compatible with Optifine Ultra D1
* CMServ aka "CraftMine server files" is now called CraftServ.
#* Critial bugfix: Pam's HC worldgen conflict causing frequent crashes (,,
* BattleTowers no longer "fall" aka destroy themselves when raided
* Rogue Dungeons are no longer generous, but still contain rare blocks
- Removed some unused config files
- Removed the now un-necessary "legacyjavafixer-1.0" mod.

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Version 3.871


Force update for some clients that don't seem to see the new 3.87

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Version 3.87


+ New, minimalistic loading screen (CraftLoader v1 Stable - no longer beta)
+ Added JABBA mod (
* Bugfix: Pale textures with CM Default 32x in v3.86 (
* Potential bugfix for Pam's HC world conflict crashes (
* Updated CraftMine Default end of game credits
* Updated and optimised CM Default language file
* Smoothened CM Default 32x's icon
* Bugfix: No flame on candles on the chandelier props
* Bugfix: Grey onyx armour instead of black
- Minimised quality of invisible but necessary textures for lower filesize
- Disabled Tundra, Shrubland and Green Swamp biomes for more interesting landscapes

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Version 3.86


+ Added ModularPots mod (CraftMine edition)
+ Added SecurityCraft mod
+* Additional optimisation methods are now applied to some of the texture-heavy mods in the pack where effective, resulting in a slightly lower filesize with hardly noticeable loss in quality
* Optimised OpenEye report cache delivery
- Removed KeyCode&Lock mod, as it has been replaced with SecurityCraft
- Removed some redundent config files

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Version 3.851


Attempt to fix update not applying properly in the launcher.

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Version 3.85


+ Added KeyAndCodeLock mod
+ Added Absolute Classic Rock radio crystal to OpenBlocks (CM exclusive)
+ Added BBC1 radio crystal to OpenBlocks (CM exclusive)
* Enabled LaunchGUI
* Updated Ninja's Cash to v2.2 (added crafting recipes)
* Fixed a naming convention mistake I made in v3.83
* Made Flim Flam enchant from OpenBlocks safer and less overpowered
* Bugfix: Tinker's Construct not accounting that this is a modpack
* Bugfix: Delta Radio not working (
* Changed some of the radio crystal colours to better suit their names

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Version 3.84


The official CraftMine server is back!

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Version 3.83


+ Added LaunchGUI (welcome message mod)
* Updated Ninja's Cash to v2.1 (LOADS of new features! From coins dropping mobs to the return of the pennies - it's all here!)
* Bugfix: Crash when right clicking a cauldron with an empty hand (
* Lower filesize

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Version 3.82


+ Added DamageIndicators mod (CraftMine edition - special skin and less intrusive)
+ Added Morpheus (adds sleep voting on multiplayer, so beds are a LOT more useful on servers and multiplayer)
+ Added InventoryTweaks (as suggested in the mod requests section of the CraftMine forums)
+ Added Tinker's Mechworks
* Made the minimap smaller by default
- Removed Telecrapht as it no longer works

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Version 3.8


+ Added AntiqueAtlas mod
+ Added Roguelike Dungeons mod
+ Added Tinker's Construct mod
+ Added LegacyJavaFixer mod to add support for Java 8
- Removed the official server from the CraftMine server listings. The official CraftMine server is now dead due to no donations at all for months on end - ending up with me unable to keep up the hosting costs.

+ NEW logo and branding designs! The abbreviated CM logo now comes in three high-res sizes instead of just one size, and is now double the resolution. Curvatures on the logo have been removed for consistency, the border has now been darkened to fully black throughout and the border size has been halved. I've also improved the smoothness of the gradient inside the letters. The end result is a much more professional look. :D
(see changelog-1.png for a comparison)

+* The new logo and branding has been applied to the Technic Platform 2.0 and Technic Launcher v3 (technically v4 but the Technic team called it "v3")
(see changelog-2.png for a comparison)

+ A CM icon is now applied to the platform and launcher. :)

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