Install CozRPG Evolved

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (CozRPG Evolved) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select CozRPG Evolved from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

CozRPG Evolved Version 1.8.10

created by Cozmmander on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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j'ai besoin d'aide ! je ne peux pas utiliser d'outils ,sa me mets : cet outils ne peut pas miner ! il ne peut ĂȘtre utilisĂ© que pour l'artisanat .
yoloooo 2 days ago
I can t use any component when making spells with ars magica 2, help!
xXkevin932013Xx 1 week ago
Could you add minecolonies? im not sure is it is on 1.7 but it's a really cool mod
magerampage 2 weeks ago
please add astral sorcery pls I beg... i want to use it but its not on any modpack ;(
DaRevooseFloosh 1 month ago
Only wanted to play for the Server, Got on. Couldnt connect, Not worth my time. Many other great servers out there.
Oemega15 2 months ago
Keepinventory game rule is Completely broken, and with masses of enemies everywhere, it makes the modpack completely unplayable. Until fixed, Cannot recommend it to anyone
Sapherno 2 months ago
Error downloading a file for the following pack:CozRPG Evolved Invalid URL: Please consult the modpack author. (Help :D)
snowgirlza 6 months ago
Same problem, dnk what to do :D
Posted by KyKy322 5 months ago
The link for "The resource pack" on Cozrpg website just takes me here is there actually a link for the compatible resource pack??
Mick83Mack 1 year ago
its not the download button you see at the top scroll down a bit and there will be 3 options
Posted by somethingclever 11 months ago
why is the sever not working
thecrazypyro21 1 year ago
What mods the modpack have?
SkyFoxPT 1 year ago
The latest update has made it so that the game crashes when using creative inventory
White_Death 1 year ago
I'm not getting this error. Please send a crash log after it happens so I can look into it.
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
i have the crash log
Posted by White_Death 1 year ago
For some reason i can't download the new update?
White_Death 1 year ago
It was an unexpected network issue with our web hosting, and it shouldn't happen again.
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
I cant download the new update, today is november 3, i need help to fix that
Posted by Guilherme de Paula 6 months ago
!WARNING! they reset the map and everything else just about every 1 to 2 months, that or every few weeks, MOST people on the server either hate the map and wanna become better than everyone else on the server which somehow compels them to want to reset everything, also: if you wanna reset yourself just delete your homes, claims or give them to someone else, throw away everything you have, tada you've successfully reset.
CAP 2M 1 year ago
1. The server is planed to reset every 6 months as over time players are left with nothing to do 2. The reset we had on the server was because of a server crash making some people lose a lot of items so we thought it would be better to put everyone back to the start to make it fair 3. The server has nothing to do with the modpack so posting here is not really the right place
Posted by Fireyblockz 1 year ago
the fact that nobody fucking knows how precious time is on here disgusts me, hey, yeah if you wanted to start over THROW AWAY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, this is EXACTLY why the server doesn't EVER have more than 25 people, it NEVER EVER reaches it's full capacity
CAP 2M 1 year ago
What is the server ip the one on the mod pack is not working :(
amscholtz 1 year ago
The server was most likely just having a technical issue, the IP in the modpack is always correct.
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
Pack worked fine for me for the longest time, then I tried connecting to the official server today, and it froze my pack. After that, every time I tried launching it, it wouldn't let me play single or multiplayer, so I deleted it. However, upon trying to re-install it, it failed to download the zip file. Please help (sorry for the lengthy comment)
demetreus12 1 year ago
Hi, this problem should be fixed.
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
The pack works for me, and I'm running on a desktop macintosh with the latest (I think) os, however, my friend, even though he was successful downloading it, can't load it up fully. His pack crashes after loading up for awhile. I'm not sure why that is, but could you give any suggestions on how he would fix this?
demetreus12 1 year ago
Tell your friend to submit a crash log using this:
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
Works just fine for him! Turns out he had the wrong version :P
Posted by demetreus12 1 year ago
It crashes
ChapieMetStylo 1 year ago
I love that you stole my old modpack icon on google photos.
COLDYY1 1 year ago
Hi, our modpack icon is from and it is under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. You were not the original author of the icon, and we have full permission to use it.
Posted by Cozmmander 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I want to play together with friends on our server, but i didnt find any hosting that support this modpack, i tried to upload this modpack to our current server, but keep crashing.. can you help me with that?
xScipio 1 year ago

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