Install Cosmic's End

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Cosmic's End) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Cosmic's End from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Cosmic's End Version 4.bugfix

created by Gnarler on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
100% hand crafted experience, from mod selection, a custom storyline with over 200 quests and TONS of lore, to an entire handbuilt space world in the end, Cosmic's End is just right for you!


- 5k diameter hand crafted space world for offline play!

- HQM Quest book acts as a server shop, tutorial, and storyline!

- 50+ lore books detailing the continuing history of the Cosmic's Universe!

- Hand picked selection of technical mods, including Buildcraft, Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, TinkersConstruct, ExNihilo, Growthcraft, and more!

- Absolutely NO magic!

- an Early Start with TiCon and AppliedEnergistics, to prevent early-game grinding!

- Make REAL Drugs with MineChem! (don't try this at home....)

Please switch to "Beta Stream" in the Technic Launcher, make sure you are using a 64 bit JAVA, and allocate at a very minimum 2 gigs of ram.

If you make a server with this modpack, be sure to tell me so I can include your IP with the pack to make it easier for people to connect.


Latest Update

Cosmic's End was updated to version 4.bugfix