Install Christmas Gift UWM

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Christmas Gift UWM) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Christmas Gift UWM from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Christmas Gift UWM Version

created by Unitedworldminers2018 on Minecraft Version 1.10.2 using Technic Solder

Version - Recommended

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Description When you die, all your lost items are kept in a tombstone and you receive a Grave's Key allowing you to know the path to your grave (this key can be upgraded to be able to directly teleport to your grave and disappears automatically if the grave doesn't exist anymore). You just need to click the grave, to automatically equip your armor and recover your lost items. NB : to have a tombstone, you must be in survival mode, with rule keepInventory set to false, and at least one item lost . The second part of the mod focus on some magic items requiring Grave's Soul (look at Decorative Graves or directly the spotlight Video below), and allowing some features related to death and teleportation (also dimensional). This allows to customize the mod with in-game content instead of config options. (example : cancel the xp loss can be done in the config, but it's better to set it with a loss like 25-50% and use the magical scrolls to preserve it) The mod work fine on server, supports minecraft version 1.8.9 to 1.12 and has translations for english, french, dutch and german.
CraftingTable IV by Elec332
This mod is an complete rewrite of the CraftingTableIII mod. This mod does the same as the CraftingTable III mod, including the recursive recipe search, and even more! Crafting Table IV displays everything you can currently craft with the items in your inventory. How much of each item the recipe uses is displayed on the left as well, click on the item and the Crafting Table IV will automatically craft it for you without you ever having to remember recipes. As you add and remove items from your inventory the list of available items updates. Works with any recipe, including mods.
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What it do? Adds new or improved commands to minecraft! New things it adds! /kill - Now allows you to kill other people instead of killing yourself! /tps - Not only in forge now! Useable by anyone! :D /tpx - Stuck in another world? Daum that stinks! Tpx out! /getuuid [username] [username 2] [...] - Hate that mojang changed player data files to UUID? Now you can find out who's who and safely delete it! /tp [Dimension ID] [x] [y] [z] - Just an updated /tp. /top - Teleports the user to the top of the world. /heal [player] - Heals the user or targets health. /feed [player] - Feed the user or target. /fly [player] - Enables/Disabled creative flight for the user or the target. /god [player] - Enables/Disables invisibility for the user or target. /back - Teleports the user back to where they died last. /mem - Reports the memory usage for the sever. /gm - Shorthand for /gamemode /invsee [player] - Opens the player's inventory. (Only allows the user to see what's in the inventory, not edit.) /spawn [player] - Teleports the user/target to spawn. /pos - Gets the current X, Y, Z of the player specified. /explorers [# of players] [Dim] [x z] - Returns the farthest player away from where you currently are by default. [# of players] - changes how many players are returned. [Dim] - changes the dimension to look in. [X Z] - sets a new center point to calculate from. /smite [player] [radius] [strikes] - Smites the target within the radius with X amount of strikes. /fireworks [player] [radius] [rockets] - Fires fireworks at target in X Radius with X rockets. Use tab to assist in completion!
D3Core by dries007, Claycorp
Dynamic Lights by AtomicStryker
This modification makes 'shining' items (default: Torch, Glowstone, Glowdust, Lit Pumpkin, Redstone, Lava Bucket, powered Minecart) illuminate everything around them if, The player has them equipped. (In Hand/Armor). They are dropped on the ground. Another player has them equipped in Multiplayer. On top of that, burning Entities shine light, and Creepers about to explode light up! You may add any Item ID you wish as shiny item, via the settings file. Also supports armor items! Rewritten from scratch to be a FML Coremod for Minecraft 1.4.2, requires Forge Boosted efficiency A LOT, I'm positive it cannot be done any better now Dynamic Lights is now modular! See readme! Configuration files for Dynamic Light modules can now be found at /config/ Global toggle Button can now be configured via Controls Menu.
Dynamic Surrounding by OreCruncher
Dynamic Surroundings alters the player’s visual and audible experience in Minecraft, and does not alter game mechanics. The player has a high degree of control over their experience, and modpack authors can customize biome and block effects based on their need.
ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332
EnderIO by tterrag1098
ExtraCells2 by DrummerMC
ExtraCells is the first Applied Energistics Add-On, implementing quite some very usefull functions. EC began with just being an Add-On for bigger Storage Cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System. Thanks to EC you can now store Fluids/Liquids in the network, on storage cells or in real tanks, using the storage bus. Apart from fluids, EC also contains some usefull things like abackup battery, a ME Dropper and a fully customizable storage cell, which you can upgrade. And finally, my Blast Resistant ME Drive
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FTB Utilities is a mod by LatvianModder. It aims to provide several useful utilities within the FTB Platform ranging from friends list, server configuration utilities, world borders, guide system and many other features.
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ItemBlacklist per dimension.
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MCMultiPart is a community effort to make a multipart API that's both easy to use and very powerful. We have contacted Lex and he's going to review it, so it may get merged into Forge later on. If and when that's the case, we'll change this description to indicate so. Both obfuscated (normal) and deobfuscated (dev) jars are available for each download.
Mekanism by aidancbrady
MekanismGenerators by aidancbrady
MekanismTools by aidancbrady
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More Bees by Proffeser_science
Have you ever thought bees, what can they make and you search up and find out not really much. well there's honey but that's mainly for food. there's ones that produce sugar, gunpowder and fire proof wax. well that's all well and good but i want more maybe some hard things to get like ores or some rareish blocks. This is why i made this mod it adds well if you read the title more bees to forestry !
[1.10.2] 1.8.6
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MrTJPCore by MrTJP
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This mod allows you to pick any picture of the internet and bring it to minecraft. You can choose the size, rotate or flip it. You can do basically everything. No need for uploading files to the server (no need for storage) and no laggy server (no need for sending pictures to all clients). The idea is to copy a link from the internet and paste it into the frame. So all client will download the picture themselves, because nowadays everybody has internet, especially if he is playing on a server.
Open Glider by gr8pefish
Open Glider adds a hang glider to Minecraft, allowing you to soar through the skies and explore your world's beauty.
OpenComputers by Sangar
This mod adds computers that can be programmed in Lua 5.2 and 5.3. Computers persist across saves (i.e. execution resumes where the computer was saved when it is loaded again), they are highly modular (there are graphics cards, network cards, redstone cards, ...). If a compatible power generating mod is present, by default they will need power to run - however, like pretty much everything else about the mod, this can be changed in the config.
Pet Buddy Mod by Subaraki
Ever felt lonely in minecraft ? Ever wanted to roam the lands with a friend that wouldn't die like the wolves from minecraft ? Welcome, to the Pet Buddies Mod !
Portal Gun by iChun
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Progressive Automation by VanhalMinecraft
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ProjectRedFabrication by Mr_TJP
ProjectRedIntegration by Mr_TJP
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ProjectRedMechanical by Mr_TJP
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Railcraft by CovertJaguar
Railcraft started off as a simple minecart mod, but it has since become much more than that. It features a fully fleshed out tech tree, with great effort gone into providing a balanced gameplay. Railcraft was also one of the pioneer mods when it comes to Multi-Block structures. It features a whole slew of these structures, including the mighty Steam Boiler and the stunningly massive Iron Tanks.
[1.10.2] 1.2.26
Refined Storage by Project Manager: raoulvdberge Artist: theCyanideX
Refined Storage gives players access to all their items at once. These items are stored safely in one of the many storage capabilities that the mod offers. The mod is not only used to get access to items in one handy interface, but it is also used to manipulate items and blocks in the world and from the system with importers, exporters, constructors, destructors, and more! Refined Storage takes the storage aspect of the mod one step further by allowing the player to set up autocrafting. The mod not only stores your items but it also has fluid storage as well!
SG Craft by gcewing
SG Craft provides some technology based loosely on the television show Stargate SG-1. Stargates allow instant travel over long distances or between dimensions. They may be used on their own, or optionally powered by IC2 or Thermal Expansion energy and controlled by computers from Computercraft or Open Computers.
ShadowMC by shadowfactsmc
A library mod required for all of my other mods.
Sound Filters by Tmtravlr
Statues by asiekierka
SubLib by senpaisubaraki
TESLA by Epoxide
ThermalFoundation by Team CoFH
Tinkers Addons by oitsjustjose
It's a very straight forward mod with little needed documentation. It adds (as of now) 4 new modifiers to Tinkers' Construct 2.0: Auto-Repair (levelable like the old version; caps at Auto-Repair V) Bonus Modifiers (level I, II and III), they work the same as the old bonus modifiers Because of the nature of the new Tool Forge / Tool Station, I had to add new items to make working recipes for the bonus modifiers. This is why there are now "Bonus Modifier" items added, as well as a moss ball. The bonus modifiers use (mostly) the same resources that the original Tinkers' tool station recipe did - but it's a normal crafting recipe that you then apply to the tool after crafting it.
torohealth by ToroCraft
With ToroHealth Damage Indicators, damage given, received, or mitigated will be displayed as a number that pops off of the entity. Also, health bars will appear in the top left corner for the entity in the player's crosshairs.
WIRED: More Augs by marwat208
A Small Companion mod for Cyberware to add in new Augments and Cyberpunk styled features.
WTF's Expedition: CaveBiomes, Ores, Trees, and Tweaks by WhiskytangoFox
WTFs Expedition is a port/recode of several of my previous mods, combined with some new features. It is a single mod made up of a collection of modules, however the different modules can be enabled or disabled, to fine tune how you use it. While the different parts can be used independently, working together they are designed to encourage and enhance an exploration based survival playstyle.
ZeroCore by ZeroNoRyouki