Install All The Lucky Blocks

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (All The Lucky Blocks) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select All The Lucky Blocks from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

All The Lucky Blocks Version 1.5

created by dasampel on Minecraft Version 1.8
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Anyone know how to fix the "Technic failed to download a file, please consult the modpack author"?
Virgel 1 month ago
add a lucky block that plays Africa by toto
thediamondman427 3 months ago
did the maker of the modpack elimenated the server file or is it just an error
playmobile1996 5 months ago
why technic launcher do not let me to download all the lucky blocks modpack it says error downloading file please consult the modpack author
jacobltu69 5 months ago
that happens to me 2
Posted by MariahCaterina 1 month ago
There's so many lucky blocks now, I've seen the showcases. Will there be an update? I'm going crazy just searching and downloading them myself,lol!
4diamond_Hippy 6 months ago
esta dando erro ou baixar
xdestruidorjr 7 months ago
can we add a mars luckyblock
god433 7 months ago
It keeps failing to download the pack
ShadowWolf4230 8 months ago
pls make this modpack also for 1.7.10
TheColeMan_05 8 months ago
it wont let me open the modpack
epro911 8 months ago
Please add/make a Official Server.
PN_PigNinja 10 months ago
PLease add a minimap mod. I have a good one it's called Xaero's Minimap it's the best minimap mod
The_Ender Gamer 1 year ago
You can modify the pack's mods to include Xaero's Minimap, check your appdata/application support folder for something related to technic. look for a modpacks folder, then find the folder with the modpack you want to modify. open the mods folder in that directory, add or remove mods as u like, and restart mc. NOTE: ONLY download mods from the mod author's website or CurseForge. Downloading from other sources may give you malware. I'm sorry for giving you a wall of a comment.
Posted by fallofthegold 1 year ago
Theres a glitch with holding bread, it spawns like a thousand of them
awsomecraft00 1 year ago
Can you add in All U Want mod, Id like to edit some weapons for my battles. Thx
awsomecraft00 1 year ago
Also add a minimap mod Plz
Posted by awsomecraft00 1 year ago
Acully All u Wants only for 1.7.10, nevermind. But please add NEI or TMI.
Posted by awsomecraft00 1 year ago
Hey if you could make a pack centered around lucky blocks but have other mods in it that could be really cool
budderdragon01 1 year ago
You should add Dioros even tho its overpowered in survival its sooooo cool for pvp in multiplayer And also if you can, wtf is wrong with Doctor Who? I never get anything from it, no like LITERALLY nothing, kinda depressing...
AdamOtakuGamer 1 year ago
Nei ?
_SILEX_ 1 year ago
NEI is not compatable with 1.8 version. Maybe JEI that should work
Posted by The_Ender Gamer 1 year ago
Pleas Shade Lucky Blocks
_SILEX_ 1 year ago

Latest Update

All The Lucky Blocks was updated to version 1.5