Install A Final Voyage

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (A Final Voyage) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select A Final Voyage from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

A Final Voyage Version 1.0.1

created by phantamanta44 on Minecraft 1.10.2 using Technic Solder

A New Paradigm in Survival

"A Final Voyage" is a modpack designed to completely overhaul the survival experience. It sets itself apart from other modpacks through its heavy reliance on a mod built from the ground up to accommodate the unique game mechanics the pack introduces. A more detailed description of the gameplay one might expect can be found below.

What Makes FV So Unique?

The Nether

The hallmark feature of Final Voyage is the nether. Players are challenged to survive in the hellish dimension with little to no dependence on the overworld. In accordance, all previously unobtainable resources now spawn or are craftable by some means in the nether. Through the extensive modification of world generation via mods such as Natura and Recurrent Complex, the nether has been transformed into a world rich with raw materials that can be used to build a city or fortress alike.


Water (or some other drinkable fluid) is now necessary to survive! Unless in peaceful difficulty, the player's thirst bar will steadily drain as they move about. Once thirst is sufficiently depleted, the player will begin to experience debilitating debuffs including, but not limited to, death.

Additionally, to make things a bit harder, glass bottles can no longer be filled from water source blocks; you'll either have to use a cauldron or find an alternate thirst quencher.

Extensive Recipe Rebalancing

Many recipes have been reworked in an attempt to make the game more difficult and to encourage players to delve into as many fields as possible. Many machines require crafting components from other mods -- especially higher-tiered ones. Extremely powerful devices such as chunkloaders are significantly more expensive in the name of balance.

The code doing the rebalancing can be found here, if you really want to read through all 800 lines of it.

The Overworld

The new overworld is an extremely deadly and extremely hostile location. Without sufficient weaponry and protection, you can expect to get extremely killed extremely quickly. You'll find that the surface is permeated with a thick and impenetrable fog that causes the world to be quite dark and foreboding. The land is covered in unforgiving dirt with interspersed lakes of lava and blood. Occasionally, a small villager settlement might appear out of the darkness, albeit usually not for long; roaming monsters rapidly dispatch of any stragglers remaining in the camps.


Some other interesting things to consider.

  • Two new machines are available in this pack: the ambient accumulator and the interdiction matrix.
  • Thermal Expansion dynamos have been nerfed somewhat to discourage easy power generation (the same reason this pack doesn't include Big Reactors).
  • All metal ores are now supported by the Mekanism ore processing chain (including draconium!).
  • An end portal always spawns at X=0, Z=0 in the nether, unless there's no space available to spawn it (e.g. it's a solid pillar of netherrack). Don't be ashamed of cheating in an end portal if you find that the natural one doesn't exist.
  • Night vision clears up fog! It's useful both in the overworld and the nether.
  • Thermal Foundation's Primal Mana is now craftable, and is immensely useful.
  • Sometimes you'll spawn in a really stupid spot (e.g. above the bedrock ceiling or in an inescapable hole). I suggest you just delete the world and try again with a different seed.
  • All caves in the overworld are flooded to the brim with lava. Mining is not recommended.


Skip this section if you want to figure out everything yourself!

  • Water can be obtained through Mekanism: ambient accumulators produce hydrogen, which can then be combined with oxygen in a chemical infuser.
  • Resonant ender, and by extension, ender pearls can now be produced through mana dust. Check out JEI recipes for details.
  • Igneous extruders can be used to obtain cobblestone at a microscopic cost. Consider building one and stockpiling the stuff.
  • Your planks-per-log throughput can be increased dramatically through the use of a sawmill.
  • There's a lot of lava in the nether. Use it to generate energy.
  • Rotten flesh can be dried on drying racks for a relatively common source of food. Additionally, monster jerky can be crafted into MREs if you have a HDPE production chain set up.
  • Refillable bottles can be filled with many fluids other than water. Perhaps blood isn't the most tasty beverage, but it certainly helps quench thirst.

What's This "Solder" Stuff?

Technic Solder is a platform that lets modpack developers host their packs on a webserver. The server serves an API that allows mod and config files to be individually downloaded and verified, thus reducing bandwidth usage and making the download process more stable and reliable. In short, Technic Solder makes your installation smoother. You can read more about that here.

Final Voyage in specific uses a highly experimental implementation of Solder called "Epoxy". Epoxy is written in Node.js and aims to be a fast, databaseless replacement for the standard PHP implementation of Solder. More details can be found here.

Found an Issue?

The issue tracker for Final Voyage can be found here. When reporting an issue, be sure to include logs and screenshots as necessary.

Source Code and Other Nerdy Junk

The source code for the Final Voyage mod is available on GitHub here. Additionally, Epoxy and its source code are available here. Both projects are under the MIT open-source license, which can be viewed in the file in either repository.

Latest Update

A Final Voyage was updated to version 1.0.1