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Technic SSP is back

If you've been with us since the start, you might remember our Technic SSP modpack, and how it was gone for a long time after we moved to the new Platform. Well, it's back now!

Keep in mind that the modpack is provided as-is, without any changes from how it originally was back then, so some stuff is bound to be a bit broken.


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i cant get on pokemonultra
Inseroy 3 years ago
benim hexxit beni atıyo bana yardıncı olabilirmisin neden atıyo
Selim-1903 3 years ago
guys i get an eror when i want to download All The Mods 6 Official
aweebfl 3 years ago
Ajax_ks_ks 3 years ago
eu só tenho minecraft pirata (Tlauncher) e não consigo usar... tem que ser Mine original?
Eduzin 3 years ago
this sucks too much
foivos 3 years ago
Non trovo il codice a 6 cifre
Davide_2K9 3 years ago
my friend has a problem with tekkit and i cant find a solution
IronExpedition 3 years ago
johnsmith12 3 years ago
Sr Maicon456
SrMaicon456 3 years ago
can someone tell me why tf vaultcraft is off
dogten_gaming 3 years ago
Oh my God I waited for years! I cant believe its playable :O
V1kralik 3 years ago
woooow it's been a while, very nice to have this after so much has changed
lavacreeper42 3 years ago
Awe-some! it has been a while since I have played this! Although i think my memories are a bit rose tinted, it'll be fun popping this open, again. Thanks for the reupload!
carter33 3 years ago
I love the technic launcher, If you need any help with anything, I'm always here.
thepokeyman 3 years ago
poderia me ajudar nao estou consseguindo logar com minha conta da mojang
Posted by sabermonteiro 3 years ago
Can you help me with something??
Posted by Tacky_Creation 3 years ago
If you are willing to help, I can't sign in using my microsoft account, I used the correct email and password, what do I do?
Posted by MangoDonut 3 years ago
how to make mojang accont
Posted by Nisip_gamer 3 years ago
no way!
sonruka 3 years ago
Very epic.
ReanuKeeves 3 years ago