Technic News

Voltz 2.0.4 Is Now Recommended!

Voltz 2.0.4 is now marked Recommended in the launcher- users are advised to click the cogwheel under the Voltz icon and ensure that they are set to "always use recommended builds" from here forward. This release represents the completed 1.5.2 build for Voltz, and a return to regular updates for the modpack. 2.X Voltz maps are not comptible with 1.X Voltz maps, and servers will be required to start fresh.

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Server owners will want to replace all server files with the ones from the server package- all server files have changed since 1.X.


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Galactic-craft update check failed, so you can't start the server.
Ahzriel 6 years ago