Technic News

Updates on Platform/Launcher Optimizations

You may have noticed slowdowns in some of our systems in the past couple days. This becomes especially apparent during the weekends when there is the higest number of people visiting the Platform and using the launcher. Due to the absolute incredible response the Platform has recieved we are getting way more traffic than we ever anticipated. This post is just to let you know we are working day in and day out to resolve any issues you may experience while using the site.

Since the platforms launch there have been over 200,00custom modpack installs and over 600,000 custom modpack runs. That's insane! On top of that there is already over 50,000 users registered on the Platform and well over 20,000 custom modpacks. The amount of stress our servers are experiecing because of all of this is pretty intense. We are constantly optimizing and adjusting our code to make it as effecient as possible.

So, bear with us please! We are doing everything we can to make the site and launcher quick and snappy as it should be. Thanks!


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