Technic News

Tekkit 1.2.6 (Minecraft 1.6.4!) recommended build is live.

The Tekkit 1.6.4 build (1.2.6) has been promoted to Recommended.

Server files are available here.

Please backup your existing worlds before upgrading; loading a Tekkit 1.1.X world will NOT end well. A fresh start/new world is HIGHLY recommended, and although this should go without saying, I'll say it anyway: BACKUP YOUR FILES!

This release brings updated versions of almost all of the core Tekkit mods: Galacticraft, Atomic Science, Modular Power Suits, Minefactory Reloaded, Computercraft, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, and others. 

We have lost a few friends along the way; Simple Power Storage, an Obsidian Plate, and Custom Lan Ports are the notable mods we've retired.

Weep not for what was, however; instead, let us celebrate what is to come! This release adds some fun and extremely useful new mods: Project Red, Big Reactors, Carpenter's Blocks, Waila, Vending Block, Extra Utilities, Redstone In Motion, and Wireless Redstone CBE (among others) are now included for your mining pleasure.


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Y0u^TUB3 8 years ago
Y0u^TUB3 8 years ago
its the regular tekkit as default on the platform
ryanball 9 years ago
I found this minecraft server that is tekkit how do I play with them??
cat1dog23 9 years ago
Its probably lite idk cause i never have seen this
trpulley2002 9 years ago
this classic or lite?
kassaiba 9 years ago
haasag 9 years ago