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Technic Thursday: Australia Time

It's Coming

It's coming...

A Quick Note About Blightfall Servers

In 2.1.3, we pushed a change to the Blightfall file.  Since server owners don't usually update, we figured we'd tell you about it.  We changed allow-nether to true.  This doesn't mean that the nether now works in Blightfall: it (intentionally) still doesn't.  However, using allow-nether=false to shut off the nether was also breaking other dimensions, like The Outlands.  That's been fixed, and you should also modify to fix it.

Speaking of Blightfall...

Blightfall 2.1.4 was released, which included an improved victory village, a lot of bug fixes, and a big buff to the Dawn Machine!  Check out the 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 changelogs!

We Released A New Launcher Version!

That's right, a brand new launcher version with some key fixes we hope you'll enjoy:

  • Technic now allocates 512Mb of PermGen space when at least 6GB of RAM is allocated in the options.
  • The pack icon is now set as the dock icon for Minecraft on OSX.
  • A new tab has been added to Launcher Options: Video Settings!  You can now control whether Minecraft launches into fullscreen, as well as launch with custom windowed dimensions, from this new settings tab.
  • You can also now disable the stencil buffer from this settings screen.  Some players on older graphics cards may need to do this to play some packs, including Blightfall.
  • There was a little-known set of command line options for the Technic Launcher that would previously control Minecraft's window dimensions, etc.  Those command line options have been removed.
  • The Blightfall teaser splash has been removed.
  • Fixed a case in which solder-based packs with no java or memory requirements could sometimes fail to load.
  • PermGen GC parameters will no longer be passed for Java 1.8+.  This will remove a warning message during startup.
  • Technic will now select the G1 garbage collector on startup in Java 1.7+, and the Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector in Java 1.6 if at least 4GB is allocated.

Well, that's all for this week's update!  It's not much, but you'll be hearing from us again very soon.  Hit us up on our forums, IRC, or Discord to ask what's taking us so long!


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how do you make a mod pack
bella23 8 years ago
YES AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dredgeboss 8 years ago
i cant even get onto the launcher. ;(
KattzTheDragon 8 years ago
so omermer try to download agaid maybe for another platform.
natik_9 8 years ago
ArturVS 8 years ago
What an incredible picture Good work guys
worthlessrazy 8 years ago
lightfall does not download to me and sometiines when it does it not enter to this what should i do?
omermer 8 years ago
ezrastanley 8 years ago
Well the picture is good... But it is AMAZING but needs more ores
hey guys whats up?
MagicMaxMay 8 years ago