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Technic Partners With Apex!

Today, Technic is proud to announce that we are partnering with Apex Minecraft Hosting to bring you the highest-quality servers for all of our official packs, and more!  At Apex, you can find solid, reliable servers with friendly 24-hour support.  

From now through the end of the summer, if you rent a Minecraft server from Apex, you'll receive 25% off the price of your server for life!  That means $11.99/mo for your Tekkit server, or $17.99/mo for your Attack of the B-Team server.  This deal is for a limited time, though, so head over to Apex and reserve your server today.


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what is
carlonb 8 years ago
YawningTripod82 8 years ago
Long story short, Get a dedicated server if your hosting modpacks. Thats the only way mine would run with at least 10 players.
tenten8401 8 years ago
It isent working
christiniac 8 years ago
Just started with Apex, on the £10, 2.5GB Redstone plan. Playing TPPI with 14 view range, and half a dozen friends and running fine. The support was helpful when I asked for less slots (Default of 66 for my plan, they have to change it). CPU usage is fine and while memory is quick to max out that's Java's issue and surprisingly manages it well, no noticeable lag yet. Just run a restart or two each day and it's fine.
SlyHuntsman 8 years ago
At least they're trying.
ShrekMilk 8 years ago
Well then there doing horrible at it...
Posted by justintyler2013 8 years ago
Thats cool. So instead of giving us download links or even information for the modpacks you promised you are going to give us something to play your old modpacks... The ones that are shrinking and really old and boring. Thanks...
killerdean13 8 years ago
Really, they said at the end of june and still nothing...
Posted by TheFantasyCraft 8 years ago
Really! Servers should not cost that much per month. Most of the mod packs from this website are already broken.
SupDudeA 8 years ago
I had a server with Apex Obsidian Plan and it couldn't handle a basic 100+ mods for a custom modpack, terrible lag and is poor quality. Ram and cpu is maxed. I suggest to not go with this and find a more suitable hosting provider for your minecraft server. I have been hosting servers for nearly two years now and when I switched to Apex it was the worst decision I ever made. This isnt a hate on Apex thing, this is just a friendly warning and a suggestion to look elsewhere before taking the chance on this provider.
mowvids 8 years ago
The buy page recommends at least a nether plan for a modpack of that size. If you're underbuying on any hosting service, you're going to have a bad time.
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
They wouldent be able to look back and re-consiliate becasue they have alredy partnered and idk if you can break that bruh.
Posted by justintyler2013 8 years ago
For what obsidian costs you can almost get a dedicated server, which eliminates the resource sharing that goes on with MC hosting plans. Then again not everybody is comfortable with linux and maintaining an entire machine from the OS down.
Posted by Soth 8 years ago
cai20 8 years ago
well yeah you didnt think hosting one 24/7 would be free would you?
Posted by whitepyros 8 years ago
elderDRAGON 8 years ago
ok so why do this when like all the offical mod packs are like broken. Also not being updated anymore and dead. this is so useless...
OkamiBuredo 8 years ago
Posted by Corndog52 8 years ago
your so right
Posted by Cocolocomoo 8 years ago
MyloMM 8 years ago
who else here was waiting for hexxit 2 but was disappointed then brought back up, since you can get cheap hexxit 2 servers o3o
theRobotguyphd 8 years ago
i bet it is going to be awesome
Dej7 8 years ago
Dej7 8 years ago
Where Mods Packs Hexxit (( 2 ))
MrHsony21 8 years ago
Nice. I will have to check out Apex. It'll sure be better than GGservers... COUGH* Terrible COUGH*
cpm9 8 years ago
Wow Apex does look real good! I may have to get one.
Posted by cpm9 8 years ago
I've used ggservers in the past and I can say that Apex are not at all good in comparison to ggservers. To be honest if you have tried ggservers premium service, then I would say your wasting your money on Apex.
Posted by mowvids 8 years ago
Yeah I'm agreeing with m2pt5
As long as it's not FTB or Curse, it's cool.
m2pt5 8 years ago