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Technic Launcher Build #365 Now Stable

The Technic Launcher, build #365 has now been marked at stable.  Non-beta users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher. 

Release notes since Build #358:

  • The Error Dialog which opens in the event of a crash will now only open one instance at a time, even if the Error Dialog itself raises an unhandled exception.
  • Attempting to close a broken network connection will no longer sometimes result in a crash.
  • The Error Dialog will now successfully open even if there is a problem with the main Launcher window.
  • The launcher will no longer crash in cases where the Error Dialog has failed to deliver crash data to pastebin.
  • Cached modpack resources that are on the hard drive but not valid images will redownload properly and no longer crash the Launcher.
  • The launcher console is now written to in a thread-safe manner and should no longer cause occasional crashes while running Minecraft.
  • Clicking "Play" for non-offline packs which have not finished downloading pack data will no longer attempt to launch the pack.
  • Attempting to extract malformed mod or modpack zips will no longer occasionally cause a launcher crash.


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