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Support Your Modders! Vote In The #Modjam!

The ModJam is a 4-day modding competitions where contestants try to create a simple, but complete mod in a limited period of time.  This year, 41 mods were created in 96 hours, and the ModJam team want YOU to vote on which is the best!  Lots of old favorites, such as dan200, AbrarSyed, Calclavia, and aidancbrady participated this year, but a TON of entries are from brand new modders, and the contestants in this exciting competition could use your support!

Download all of the completed mods here:

Then, when you've tried them all out, vote on your favorites here:

Enter whatever you like for your nickname, but be sure to select the options saying you didn't enter a modjam entry (contestant and community voting are kept separate).  You can ignore the Participant ID field.  Thanks for supporting new, creative mods!


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