Technic News

Support for 1.13+ Forge is here!

We know it took a while, but it's finally here.

Technic Launcher now supports Forge in Minecraft 1.13 and above.

We're using the same wrapper MultiMC uses (, and the necessary changes have been made to our launcher all thanks to phit.

But how do you use it?

Well, instead of putting the Forge universal jar as your "bin/modpack.jar", you put the Forge installer jar. That's it.


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Where can i find "bin/modpack.jar"?
Tygertye 1 year ago
in your modpack folder
Posted by Aandeel 1 year ago
How do you get to the folders?
Posted by CatPlatinum8 1 year ago
Minecraft 1.16 please , can i play in Minecraft 1.16 please ?
They don't even have Forge for 1.16...
Posted by _Dinoway_ 1 year ago
@_DINOWAY_ Forge does exist for 1.16, Its just in very early beta.
Posted by Edwardplayz 1 year ago
anytime i restart my computer my mods all get deleted
JDGamer 1 year ago
Thank you! Is there an ETA for 1.14 support?
TheBanditBK 1 year ago
The post says for 1.13 *and above.* It's safe to say that 1.14 support is present, though I myself have been running into separate issues which I cannot properly identify as a lack of 1.14 support. Issues like the modpack just all-out refusing to install.
Posted by MCMANN32 1 year ago
all modpacks i download just,doenst get download,when i press ''install'',it says: ERROR INSTALLING MODPACK:(any modpack) (path) pls consult the modpack creator''
SukaBall 1 year ago
anthonyxy123 1 year ago
I can't do this anymore, I have low storage, I absolutely HATE that the fact that Java will not download or ANYTHING like that ;^;
_-Angel-_ 1 year ago
rejoins le serveur Shinobi Craft wlh c trop Dart
Darsko773 1 year ago
Não consigo logar
tofinho13 1 year ago
Glad technic still has people working on it :D
DagrMine 1 year ago
Is there a way to make a pixelmon server for me ans my friends
fakegav516 1 year ago
para que version de minecraft esta el server?
michael548 1 year ago
MTC08 1 year ago
Does The Forge Installer go In The Bin Folder Or Just In The zip
Eonz 1 year ago
^ please reply someone
Posted by CopperShortsword 9 months ago
For me it says : Youve selected Java 14.0.2,which is known to have issues with minecraft.Are you sure you want to continue?I press Yes and then it just doesnt do anything.Keep in mind,im in MacBook Air
bonjour, a chaque fois que j'essaye de lancer le technic laucher avec le mod pack battlefront de boehmod, le jeu plante et me renvoye sur l'écran d'acceuil… quelqu'un pourrais m'aider svp ?
hey why cant I go onto the Race to the moon season 3 mod pack and I have downloaded it and reinstalled it but it doesn't even come up this is the iblisticsquid played on and yet i cant play one it can you find the problem thank you
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ekc07352 8 months ago
Does it work for 1.16?
celltrackingapps 7 months ago
can we update all the old guides to reflect this? I spent ages trying to work out what i was doing wrong because i missed this update having not made a mod pack for anything newer than 1.12.2
Count_von_Dan 6 months ago