Technic News is shutting down will be shutting down at the end of the year of 2023.

Over the years, it became clear to us that wasn't moving forward, in terms of development. As a result, about a year ago, we made the decision to shut it down. For context, itself hasn't had any updates to it for nearly 5 years now, and there is no interest in keeping it running anymore.

This also marks the official ending of the rewrite of Solder led by Indemnity83, which is linked to the development of, and lived at That repo also hasn't had any updates to it in nearly 5 years.

We want to make it clear that the current version of the self-hosted Solder ( has been in development and will continue to exist. If you want to continue using Solder for your modpacks, you should set up your own instance of it.

There are other Solder-compatible projects created by the community which you could choose to use if you find the official Technic Solder too complicated to set up. Those projects aren't handled by us, and we offer no help in running or setting them up.

If you have any modpacks in that you wish to export to your instance, please be sure to do that before the end of the year, because when shuts down any data left inside of it will be inaccessible and removed within a few months.

We have permanently paused payment collection on our side at Stripe, so if your subscription renews during this period you won't be charged for it.

Thank you for trying out and supporting us, but unfortunately the project has come to an end.

Regards, Technic Team


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why cant i log in
macronini1754 1 week ago
yall fail to realize how many people would flock to a public hack slash mine server. its a gold mine waiting to be dug up yall for real.
naruhine 5 months ago