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Services Restored

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to take a second to let you know that Heroku's services have been restored, so our services have been restored.  Things seem to be working once again, so have fun!


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o gta esta com problema
luizgmatoss 6 years ago
DautYT 7 years ago
JohnMan!1 8 years ago
still having issues, try to start up mod pack but returns to launcher???
77nova 8 years ago
still having issues, try to start up mod pack but returns to launcher???
77nova 8 years ago
Just where can you paste the link at? I have looked every where with no luck.
babygirl07 8 years ago
umm sorry to say but everytime you update the technic launcher or put up a bit oof news all my modpacks are deleted, well the ones i have downloaded.
Mental_Chipmunk 8 years ago
Whenever I click on the TechnicLauncher it just doesn't respond. I've tried restarting my computer, deleting and downloading the launcher over and over, I've tried deleting things from my computer to free up space. I've tried just about everything, yet the launcher just doesn't work. Anyone know how to fix this?
xeverstream 8 years ago
yuckysleet 8 years ago
I have been playing this for a really long time but i have not played it in a week. After a week, which is now today i have noticed that all my modpacks have been deleted. All my downloaded things that i used to have are all gone. This has also deleted all my worlds that i had put so much work into doing. Please help!
Shadowblade00 8 years ago
so does this mean you will be releasing the new packs soon?
Lord_Aqua 8 years ago
i cant play anything HELP!!!!!
Blocker2015 8 years ago
wiccelin 8 years ago
how to delete a mod from your modpack? i put NEI in 1.8 and all the other mods in 1.7.10 and now it wont let me play
laragaming123 8 years ago
The hexxit server says that it can't reach server. is there a new IP address
GracieLuDrop 8 years ago
Does Any One Else Get This Error: A Java Extincion Has Occured! Yea! Well I Am Trying To Launch A Server With Forge Recommended Version 1.7.10, The Server Worked Normally Before I Updated It Please Help! Quick Answes.
dante_mannen 8 years ago
umm ive been trying to play but it wont let me please fix it i need to play its sunday
delly4 8 years ago
does it say server can't be reached for you as well
Posted by GracieLuDrop 8 years ago
so the errors has been fixed, so we can play modpacks now?
JustSyndrome 8 years ago
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago