Technic News

Recent update to our official modpacks

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that we pushed out some updates to most of our official modpacks.

A mod was added (Lumy Skin Patch), which brings back your super nice Minecraft skins (and if you play with other people, theirs as well!).

Happy gaming!


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proc kdyz chci zapnout kazdou hru a hned jse mi to vipne
JardaJeL 4 years ago
NEvíte proč mi nic nejde zapnout ?
JardaJeL 4 years ago
pro mi nejde zapnout ?
JardaJeL 4 years ago
ทาง เข้า vegus168
vegus 4 years ago
is there a public server for the 1.12.2 pack?
ItsBeastMode10 4 years ago
it's good afternoon, is that the technic launcher no longer opens after I opened modpack skyfactorie 4 and now technic comes in and out of minecraft can someone help me
coitado 4 years ago
I go to play on pixelmon reforged and when I play I go back to the launcher after about a minute after
GeoArcher 4 years ago
My Minecraft Keep showing the Mensage Java Have Ran Out Off Memory To Prevent Corruption We decided to exit the sever Something Like that Somebody Can Help me Out ? :(
GuilhermeNJDR10 4 years ago
raxsanky 4 years ago
Technic is great but the mod servers and so laggy and glitchy
shadowkong 4 years ago
ok nice I don't care im trying to find a how to train your dragon mod and there is none
FalconDR 4 years ago
WOuld you guys make a yogbox 3.0 1.14.4 addition with the millanare mod
Twirlyworley 4 years ago
so one of my friends made a server for all of us to hangout but it keeps saying invalid session and ive already restarted the launcher multiple times
NeonDeadstep 4 years ago
Great post i like it cool math games
sahilbutt 4 years ago
when i start the launcher is everthing offline...
FuZyxAmAR-10 4 years ago
I've tried many File hosting programs. Does anybody know a good file hosting program is? I have tried Mega. Dropbox. Mediafile. Pcloud plz help
NekoJapanCat 4 years ago
i have not Slept in 9 days I NEED TO GET THIS UP AND RUNNING
Posted by NekoJapanCat 4 years ago
ICiiks 4 years ago
Posted by ICiiks 4 years ago
Posted by ICiiks 4 years ago
i can't dowload it, it crashes when it goes to tree
xxgwwgxx 4 years ago
technichi is installed, but none of the mod packs are installed. I encounter errors: consult the modpack author
ANIL6249 4 years ago
I forgot my password where do I go to find it
niccage98 4 years ago
would you guys mind changing the technic scraps modpacks because its has stayed the same for awhile
thehumanbullet 4 years ago
Hello Technic, have seen that new updates to most of the official modpacks, but to my understanding, most of the official and unofficial servers are unable to be download/play. I was hoping that this problem could be fixed in a later time, not seeing that the launcher is just glitching for the players. Minecraft IGN -TrutleMyName
I-LIKE-TURTLE 4 years ago
how long dose the offline thing go
Robotkid067 5 years ago
its not letting me install it. it keeps saying i havent got a zip file
xlTerceslx 5 years ago
when i was using it fine earlier in the day
Posted by xlTerceslx 5 years ago
how do i fix the 1GB thing for the mods on technic laucher
wuw66 5 years ago
Hello, I have a problem. When I set up a 2.5 GB ram in the launcher setting, in task manager it shows that it is eating 6.5GB ram in the task manager. And on my computer I have an 8 GB ram, so sometimes my screen freezes. How do I fix it?
HaMYY 5 years ago
Is this for all Technic packs?
KutikiPlayz 5 years ago
That is useful, however, there are some mod packs that need to be looked at because they either shutdown on its own, they crash or they never load up (look at tekxit)
mattrixstyle47 5 years ago
What about the no-sound bug?
odinthefather 5 years ago
Doesnt load anymore since last update
AsrielMeemurr 5 years ago
Same happened to me Technic wont load anymore mods for me it is just stuck on technic app
Posted by Z3lkam 4 years ago