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New Solder version (v0.7.6)

So, a new version of Technic Solder has been released. The version is 0.7.6, it's based on Laravel 6 and supports PHP 7.2+ (up to 8.0).

There are a bunch of improvements and bugfixes which should make everything less painful to work with.

The documentation at has been updated to this new version, and the old one (v0.7, PHP 5.6 to 7.0) has been marked as unsupported.

If you're upgrading from Solder v0.7, remember to run php artisan migrate after you install the new version.


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hmm, nice. im also usually not this early and so i Am FiRsT hAHhahahAH. jokes aside we will get better Solder modpacks i guess.
stefix1 1 week ago
H4rl 3 days ago
how do i run that command?
herobrine8763 22 hours ago