Technic News

New Redesign


We've gone through yet another revision of the Technic Platform and the new design is live. This new look allows more modpacks on a single page vs. the old style list, and the new design works well on *mobile* browsers which is aces. We will be going through and fixing what things we've missed and tweaking as needed.


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everytime I update the Resource Management it goes to this (Look's like we've hit a snag!) still updates when you go back tho.
aeroserenity 7 years ago
ughhh... I cant post modpacks
MacStudios 7 years ago
^^ this
Posted by zhOul 7 years ago
Posted by waddon1 7 years ago
How do i get it?
_MEHANNN_ 7 years ago
Posted by josoma 7 years ago
It keeps bugging out for me, and one of my favorite packs is no longer available.
SlyFoxJZ 7 years ago
Don't like it.
Dracoflamen 7 years ago
xXShadowLoverXx 7 years ago
QQQQQQWERTY 7 years ago
Posted by josoma 7 years ago