Technic News

New Redesign


We've gone through yet another revision of the Technic Platform and the new design is live. This new look allows more modpacks on a single page vs. the old style list, and the new design works well on *mobile* browsers which is aces. We will be going through and fixing what things we've missed and tweaking as needed.


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yo can sombody help me every time I try to play a modpack minecraft starts and than goes back to the launcher please help
DeBlauweMiner 6 years ago
DeBlauweMiner 6 years ago
Is this the reason that tekkit classic doesn't launch for me?
Drezzd 6 years ago
attack of the b-team is my favorite mod i click on play it says i dont have 2 gb ram i look into my gb's and it says 8 gb's!!!!!! please fix this and soon ):
crazycat299 6 years ago
Uh what do i do if i cant download anything?
S52 6 years ago
I need premium accot to acces technicpack?
RazvyFTW 5 years ago
What the hell did I do to my account and say that you invalid the username or password your daughter's @ # @ #
eduardoqwe123 5 years ago