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New Redesign


We've gone through yet another revision of the Technic Platform and the new design is live. This new look allows more modpacks on a single page vs. the old style list, and the new design works well on *mobile* browsers which is aces. We will be going through and fixing what things we've missed and tweaking as needed.


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I don't like this new style, I did find that the older version is a lot easier to navigate.
Misshidden 7 years ago
When i go to play a mod it launches and then just goes back to the mod page i have tried multiple mods but it just launche then refreshes the mod page help i really want to play some of these mods!
Dmister44 7 years ago
Same here.
Posted by ShadowHunter348 7 years ago
Will we need to download another installation to get these improvements, or do we just keep the installment of tekkit we have?
indigochild16 7 years ago
I like it, but sill no compatibility with Kaspersky Security :(
Captainprice187 7 years ago
I can not sign-in technic launcher only on the web page
xXMrERNSTXx^^ 7 years ago
don't like it
Matwix 7 years ago
Ok thats cool
1Zacharia 7 years ago
Jamiefart101 7 years ago
f3rullo14 7 years ago
I. Love. It. This is the best design you guys have ever had.
SilverKytten 7 years ago
Ever Since the Update, None of my Modpacks have worked. I always Crash trying to Launch them Plz Help
Budy8760_Gaming 7 years ago
I like how the layout is but its awful trying to look through modpacks because A. i dont know what half of these modpacks even are (like description ect.) and B. whenever i click on a modpack and back out after i browse it sends me all the way back to tending page one everytime... so although it looks much nicer then the old layout id rather have functionality...
__star6550__ 7 years ago
MrManGlZ 7 years ago
Why would people need to view Technic on mobile...unless... *TECHNIC MODPACKS FOR MOBILE CONFIRMED*
Herobrine1689 7 years ago
You should find a new way to make a modpack please do that
Greenshirt5000 7 years ago
The "inverse head color" function doesn't work anymore
ST.AU 7 years ago
187 days later... Me: where is Hexxit II?
supercooper888 7 years ago
ami gusto
josoma 7 years ago
ami gusto
josoma 7 years ago
Cool. I liked the old one. I don't really remember it though.
FisherTwo 7 years ago
Omfg just put in a section where you can install mods to your modpack. it will be WAY easier and you will get more technic donations and people. And agreed I cant post my modpack eather. Fix this issue, and make a mod section where we can download crap to our mc and modpacks.
its nice that your updating your looks, looks however are not everything, functionality matters to most all gamer's more than looks that is for the site of the game they play. when using the new layout i dont know what im clicking as there is no text, only symbols that i have to figure out what they mean as there is no descriptions to these anywhere. also i cannot find what is in these modpacks... the actual mods.... WHERE IS THAT LIST! i wont download any packs unless i know what im downloading. untill that feature is fixed i will not download another pack. it may as well be called techniviralpack. as you dont have a clue what your downloading to your system and allowing to run.
everdrakonis 7 years ago
Try this to find a mods list for a modpack: 1. Download the modpack. 2. Press the Win key + R. 3. Type "%appdata%" without the quotes, and press enter. 4. Go to > .technic > modpacks > (The pack that you want to see all of the mods in) > mods 5. Done! Now go look at all of the mods that are included in the pack.
Posted by MarinelliCraft 7 years ago
Loving the new design! Will the launcher get an updated design too?
Paint_Ninja 7 years ago
what about the people that cant use drop box how do they create new mod packs? i'm sure you will have a way to fix this problem in the next update?
glaciereagle 7 years ago
Use a different host in which is listed on the Technic Modpack Administration page.
Posted by MarinelliCraft 7 years ago
OverHead03 7 years ago
It looks good... but it's very buggy
waddon1 7 years ago
FlavienduHueBr 7 years ago
This is a nice update but please add text to the mod pics so that we can read what it's about without having to click into it.
Ian_Digs 7 years ago
This is a nice update but please add text to the mod pics so that we can read what it's about without having to click into it.
Ian_Digs 7 years ago
my modpack wont unzip anymore :O
swh65458 7 years ago
Go to dropbox and get the new link for your pack, put it in "Modpack Location" and update it. NOTE: You MUST also update your pack in "Versions" tab, or you will get the same error.
Posted by MarinelliCraft 7 years ago