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Mojang account migration: last call

Starting March 10, you'll need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft Java Edition, so you should start migrating your Mojang account to a Microsoft one if you haven't already.

How do you do that? Login with your Mojang account at, click the "Move my account" button in the giant banner that shows up and follow the instructions.


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Minecraft crashed
AlganPro 1 year ago
I read in another post dated end of 2020 that, if you're using the technic Launcher you shouldn't do this migration as you can't play, is this still the case please?
Jesstiggs 1 year ago
No, it's safe to migrate now, since we have full support for Microsoft accounts.
Posted by Pyker 9 months ago | Technic Staff
This screws over anyone who used a third party seller namely my good friend who owns the account ThanksSoyjang because mojang account support is very nice to anyone who got their account through third parties. This only screws over the playerbase.
my game crashed
help me