Technic News

Error in total downloads and runs in modpacks

We recently found out about a bug in Platform, where downloads and runs were being mixed up when calculating the total amounts for modpacks (the numbers shown in the top right on any modpack page).

This has since then been fixed, and we have cleared all the totals to allow Platform to recalculate them properly.

No statistics have been lost (downloads/runs), it's just the totals that weren't right. But they are now.


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nope, its still not fixed.
Poipole 4 weeks ago
Alright nevermind it just worked, thanks PokemonUltra team!
Poipole 4 weeks ago
I can't log into the launcher anymore!!
SunsetGlamour 4 weeks ago
I can't play any modpack.
lucpav 4 weeks ago
AHHHHHH my thing wont let me re -install pixelmon
Sakuna_01 3 weeks ago
Yeah same here bro idk why im getting scared
Posted by MikM0k 3 weeks ago
So when i played PokemonUltra during like i think 7 GMT+8 PM It started to lag when i got a Shiny Nekrozma in the server PokeSaga (Pokeflash) server. Then after that i tried to redownload the mod and then it just stopped downloading. Like when i pressed install its just stuck in 0% and no im not lagging im averaging like 50 ms rn
MikM0k 3 weeks ago
hi ive been playing hexxit 2 but i havent been able to go in my world without crashing, i walked in a fallen star ( i think ) and it crashed and because im probably still in it it crashes everytime... id love to know what to do now...
ZexyGamerah 3 weeks ago
I cant install Creeperedge 2021 modpack it just keeps saying error even when i fully delete it from every thing it just says ERROR WHILE DOWNLOADING CREEPERSEDGE 2021 MODPACK talk to mod creator from more info
Badabo12 2 weeks ago
When i try to download pixelmon+ it wont start downloading like its just stuck at 0% but my ms is like 50 so its good
MikM0k 1 week ago